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  • Naiku area
  • Japanese / set meal

The two-story store along the Isuzu River, located in the back of the Isuzu River, is the "No Play Shelf".There are many windows in the building, and you can feel the change of the four seasons and nature, such as the cherry blossoms on the bank in spring, the clear stream of the Isuzu River in summer, the autumn leaves of Mt. Kamiji in autumn, and the migratory birds in the clear sky in winter. It is a restaurant and coffee shop where you can spend a relaxing time with the warmth of wood.We also offer sweets and sweets, as well as meals that use abundant local ingredients and seasonal ingredients, such as heavy weights that are an assortment of seasonal dishes.

1-11-5 Ujiurata, Ise City
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Business hours
11: 00-16: 30 (L016: 00) * Varies depending on the season
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