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[Oharaimachi/Okage Yokochou]

"Oharaimachi" is a street that runs straight from Ujibashi in front of Ise Jingu Naiku toward Sarutahiko Shrine.There is a side street called "Okage Yokocho" in the middle of Oharaimachi.In Oharaimachi, Okage Yokocho, there are many shops that will catch people's hearts.

The congestion situation of Oharaimachi / Okage Yokochoplease use this form.You can check from

Oharai Town

"Oharaimachi" prospers in front of Ise Jingu and Naiku.The beautiful cobblestone streets of about 800m that continue from Uji Bridge along the Isuzu River are lined with streets with gables and wives that are unique to Ise.

There are many souvenir shops, restaurants and merchant houses on the street, and you can enjoy walking around the town after worshiping.There are also historical buildings such as the Jingu Dojo and the former Keikoin Guest House, which are full of retro atmosphere that is typical of Ise.

If you walk along the quaint narrow alley called Seiko from Oharaimachi Dori, you will arrive at the clear stream Isuzugawa.It is also recommended to take a leisurely walk along the river.


In the middle of Oharaimachi, one side of the Yokocho in front of the Akafuku main store is "Okage Yokocho"

The typical buildings of Iseji from the Edo period to the Meiji period have been relocated and reproduced, and it seems as if you have traveled back in time to the Edo period.

On the site of about 4000 tsubo, there are many food shops and souvenir shops unique to Ise-Shima, and all the shops are full of charm.

Thanks to Okage Yokocho, an experience facility with the theme of Japanese mythologyThanks to the mythical hall(Paid admission), an overview of the myth is displayed with images and Japanese paper dolls, which is also a must-see. (Thanks to the admission fee: 400 yen for adults and 200 yen for children)

Admission to Okage Yokocho is free.

Oharaimachi / Okage Yokocho Map

Map of Oharaimachi / Okage Yokocho

It is a map of Oharaimachi spreading in front of Ise Jingu Naiku and Okage Yokocho.Please check here for the location of parking lots and toilets. (Created in June 2022)

Toilet location

① Around the entrance to Oharaimachi from the front of Uji Bridge (bottom of the map)
② Around Ujiurata parking lot (upper part of map)
③ Thanks to Okage Yokocho, it is located in the center of the map.

Map data (PDF 2.4MB)

Okage Yokocho Digital Picture Map

Enjoy "Okage Yokocho" while checking your current location using your smartphone or tablet!
The picture map is linked with GPS, and you can take a walk based on this.

Thanks to Okage Yokocho Digital Picture Mapplease use this form.

No app download required.

Can I drive through Naiku / Oharaimachi Dori?

From 10:16 to XNUMX:XNUMX on weekends and holidays
Vehicles are not allowed. * Excluding light vehicles

About traffic regulation (Easy Ise Mode HP)
Only vehicles with a "yellow frame" permit can pass.

Access by public transport

What is the nearest station?

The nearest station to the railway is Kintetsu "Isuzugawa Station".However, the distance to Naiku Mae is about 2.3 km.

for that reason,
To Oharaimachi, Okage Yokocho,
From Kintetsu / JR "Iseshi Station" or Kintetsu "Ujiyamada Station" "Isuzugawa Station"
It is convenient to use a fixed-route bus or taxi.

Route bus (Mie Kotsu bus)

[From Kintetsu / JR "Iseshi Station" or Kintetsu "Ujiyamada Station"]
Approximately 51 minutes by Mie Kotsu Bus bound for Naiku Mae (55 or 20, CAN bus)
* Operates every 15 to 20 minutes

[From Kintetsu "Isuzugawa Station"]
Approximately 51 minutes by Mie Kotsu Bus bound for Naiku Mae (XNUMX system or CAN bus)
* Operates every 20 to 25 minutes

Get off at "Naiku Mae" or "Jingu Kaikan Mae"

"Naiku Mae" ... The bus stop closest to Naiku Uji Bridge.
"In front of Jingu Kaikan" ・ Thanks to Okage Yokocho, this is the closest bus stop.


[From Ise City Station, Ujiyamada Station, Ise Jingu Geku]
It takes about 15 minutes to reach Naiku Mae and costs about 2,000 yen.

[From Kintetsu "Isuzugawa Station"]
It takes about 8 minutes to reach Naiku Mae and costs about 1,100 yen.
* The time required and charges are approximate.

How long does it take to walk?

[From Ise City Station, Ujiyamada Station, Ise Jingu Geku]
The distance to Naiku-mae is about 4 km, and it takes about XNUMX hour on foot.
There are uphill slopes, so shoes that are easy to walk in are recommended.

[From Kintetsu "Isuzugawa Station"]
The distance to Naiku-mae is about 2.3 km, and it takes about 30 minutes on foot.
The sidewalk is well maintained and it is easy to walk.

Access by car

About 5 minutes from Ise Nishi IC on the Ise Expressway or Ise IC
Please use the Ise Municipal Parking Lot.

Information on the availability of Ise Municipal Parking Lot, etc.
Easy homepage Please check from

Naiku Ujibashi-mae (Parking A),
It is located around the Ujiurata intersection (parking lot B).

Free for the first hour,
2 yen will be added for up to 500 hours, and 30 yen will be added every 100 minutes thereafter.

Recommended for souvenirs!
Ise's famous rice cakes and sweets

I want you to eat it when you come to Ise!
Introducing the famous rice cakes and sweets.

Oharaimachi / Okage Yokocho store information

・ Oharai Town Featured Store Information
that?It wasn't there when I came here before!? The shops. Please check it.

Morishita liquor store (Ise Jingu-mae store)
Warashibe Ise Naikumae store
Shrimp and Merchant Hall
Dumpling shop Tsutsumu Naiku Mae Bar
Frozen pudding soft
Ise medicine main office(Opening with a new cafe)
Imo Pippi.Ise store
Kinoshita Tea Garden Naikumae Store 

WEB site

Ise Oharaimachi Conference (
Okage Yokocho ( 

[Oharaimachi] Depends on each store
[Thanks Yokocho] 516 Ujinakanokiricho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 0558-52
[Thanks Yokocho] 0596-23-8838
Opening hours
[Okage Yokocho]
January / February, November / December 1: 2-11: 12
 March-October 3: 10-9: 30

* During consecutive holidays such as Golden Week and Obon holidays, the opening time may be earlier or the closing time may be delayed.
* Business hours may change depending on the weather and other conditions.
Closing days
Yes (Municipal Uji Parking Lot)

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