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"Souvenir shop" is the second shop that you can enter from the front entrance with the symbol "Nightlight" of Okage Yokocho, and the old-fashioned post box is a landmark. Not only souvenirs such as "Okage dog" goods and sweets, but also as a general information center, you can spend comfortably in Okage Yokocho, such as information on each store, nursing center service, calling lost children and renting wheelchairs. It is a store that helps.Please feel free to talk to us about any side streets.
On the roof of a building that recreates the warehouse of a liquor store in Kawasaki, which was called "Ise's Kitchen" in the Edo period, it is also called hardship, owl, and old man, and is loved as a lucky charm. The "owl" is watching over the visitors.

52 Uji Nakanogiri-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Opening hours
9: 30-17: 00 * Varies depending on the season
Closing days
Open everyday, year round
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