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Specialty fried shrimp, spiny lobster dish Ise Osakaya

  • Omata area
  • Japanese / set meal

The famous fried shrimp is a must-eat item, mainly including Ise lobster dishes, abalone, Matsusaka beef, oysters, seafood bowls, and the most popular full-course meals.We are close to Ise Jingu, and we are able to accommodate 1 to 100 people at a travel agency compatible store (for foreigners). There are many local groups and tourist groups on "consecutive holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays", so it is recommended to make a reservation.

516-0051 Ueji-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 2582-1
Phone Number
Business hours
10: 30-21: 15 (L.O20:00) * Early closing available
Regular holidays
Parking Lot
30 general cars / 2 large buses
Kintetsu → Akeno Station, Obata Station → Ise City Station JR → Miyagawa Station
15 minutes from Ise Jingu.10 minutes from Iseshi station.5 minutes from Tamaki IC.
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