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Oyamazumi Shrine (Kotai Jingu Shrine)

  • Naiku area
  • Temple/Shrine

Oyamazumi Shrine is under the jurisdiction of Ise Jingu Naiku, and the deity is the mountain god, Oyamazumi no Kami.It is located at the entrance of Mt. Jingu, which used to be Mt.If you go from Ujibashi to Goshogu toward the far left, you will find Koyasu Shrine in the forest.

Worshiping time

January-April   5:00 - 18:00
May-August   5:00 - 19:00
September   5:00 - 18:00
October-December   5:00 - 17:00

1 Ujitachi-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture. XNUMX-XNUMX
Phone Number
0596-24-1111 (Jingu Shrine)
Regular holidays
Parking Lot
About 20 minutes by bus from Kintetsu Ujiyamada Station and Kintetsu / JR Ise City Station, get off at "Naiku Mae", and about 6 minutes by bus from Kintetsu Isuzugawa Station, get off at "Naiku Mae". * Please note that there are few buses from Isuzugawa Station!
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