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Romantic Forest Mt. Sango [Roman no Mori Sangoyama]

  • Geku area

Mt. Migo

Mt. Ise Sango, known as the Forest of Romance, is located in Uraguchi-cho.Mt. Migo has been selected as one of the "100 Best Forest Bathing Forests in Japan", and there are many fruit-bearing trees such as "Early Spring Forest" and "Autumn Forest" where seasonal flower trees are collected by following the promenade that runs through the forest. You can get close to nature all day long by strolling around the "Wild Bird Forest" and the "School Forest" where the students themselves planted trees from elementary and junior high schools in the city.You can overlook Ise Bay from the observatory.

Uraguchi, Ise City
0596-22-0372 (Ise City Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Division)
From JR Kintetsu Iseshi Station, take the Mie Kotsu bus and get off at "Okura Uguisudai", then walk for about 5 minutes.

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