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Shimomii Shrine (Toyore Daijingu Shrine)

  • Geku area
  • Temple/Shrine

Shimomii Shrine is under the jurisdiction of the outer shrine, and the deity is Shimomii's guardian deity.Located to the south of Tsuchiya, there is no shrine and a Mii cover house is built.It is said that when the water of Kamimi is not available, the water of Kamioi will be used as the water for the royalties.
In addition, Kaminomi Shrine is in a place that is not accessible to the general public, so we will worship from the vicinity.

Worshiping time

January-April   5:00-18:00
May-August   5:00-19:00
September   5:00-18:00
October-December   5:00-17:00

279 Toyokawa-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
0596-24-1111 (Jingu Shrine)
Closing days
About 5 minutes on foot from Kintetsu / JR Iseshi Station, XNUMX minutes on foot from Kintetsu Ujiyamada Station.
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