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Miyagawa Water Park

  • Omata area
  • leisure

Miyagawa Water Park is a park set up on the site of a ferryboat located on the left bank of Miyagawa.The natural state such as the river and the pool is left, and it is used by many people as a place of relaxation to get close to the river, including the area where the monument with the origin of the cherry blossoms is installed.

Motomachi, Obatacho, Ise City
0596-22-7858 (Ise City Omata General Branch Regional Promotion Division)
Yes (about 80 units)
15 minutes walk from Kintetsu Obata Station 10 minutes walk from JR Miyagawa Station
Immediately by car from the Toba Matsusaka Line Tokaibashi Nishizume intersection

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