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Ise Furuichi Sangu Kaido Museum [Ise Furuichi Sangu Kaidou Shiryokan]

  • Naiku Area

Museum that conveys the prosperity of Furuichi

You can learn about the history of the Sangu Highway that connects the outer shrine and the inner shrine, the Yukaku (entertainment district) that was crowded with devotion on the way back from the shrine, and Ise Kabuki, which was the gateway to Edo and the actors above.

69 Nakanocho, Ise City
Closing days
Monday (the next day if it is a national holiday), the day after a holiday (except if that day is Sunday), the year-end and New Year holidays (12 / 29-1 / 3)
From Kintetsu Ujiyamada Station, take the Mie Kotsu bus bound for "Uratacho" and get off at "Sanjo-mae".A short walk away.

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