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Ryuga Pass

  • Yokowa Yamochi area
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The altitude of Ryuga Pass in Ise City is 333M.In the olden days, it was the Yamakoshi pass road that was used for worshiping at Jingu and living from the direction of Minami Ise, but in recent years, the roadway has been improved around it, and the number of people walking over the pass has decreased.Therefore, after repeated discussions between the local community and the city, the city was redeveloped in 19 as an easy-to-walk road.However, the section from the pass to the Jingu forest side in the direction of Naiku is currently closed due to severe damage to the mountain road due to heavy rain.From this, it will be a course to climb from Kyushoji Temple in Yamochi-cho and return back.
The Yamochi district at the foot of the Ryuga Pass is said to be the village where the "Heike no Ochijin" lived in hiding.There is a legend that the Heike clan blocked Genji's pursuit on the road to the pass, and it is said that the "Kakureiwa" on the way was where the Heike ambushed Genji's pursuit.
Since November 11st to March 1th is the hunting season, it is recommended to wear clothes with a prominent color.It seems that there are many leeches in the summer, so please be careful when you go out.

Yamochicho, Ise City
Approximately 35 minutes by car from the Ise-Nishi interchange (turn left on the Yokowa toward Sunny Road Minami-Ise)

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