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Yamada Bugyosho Ruins

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The Yamada Bugyosho is a magistrate's office located in Ise Province by the Edo Shogunate.It is famous for the fact that the loyal minister, Noto Mamoru Ooka (later Echizen Mamoru), came as a magistrate.Regarding the location of the Machi-bugyō, it seems that it was originally based in Aritaki along the coast, west of Miyagawa.There are three places called the government office ruins and the mansion ruins in the outer shrine area (Yamada), and these are considered to be "public offices" (the government offices where the magistrates traveled from the headquarters to handle the processing).At the site of the Ippongi government office in Fukiage, there is a monument of the magistrate's office.
In addition, a monument to the remains of the magistrate's office is also built in Kobayashi, Misono-cho, which was based until the Meiji era.Also, in the same town of Misono, you can see the magistrate's office.Yamada Magistrate's Memorial HallThere is, so please visit that as well.

Next to the parking lot of Gyutora Edise Hachimandori, 516-0073-2 Fukiage, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 5-3

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