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  • Naiku Area
  • Japanese / set meal

We offer seasonal à la carte and course meals centered on Ise-Shima seafood at a reasonable price.Spiny lobster, abalone, blowfish, oysters, and Matsusaka meat can be eaten all year round.Please enjoy the phantom moulted spiny lobster that you can eat the whole from the head of our specialty as a memory of your trip to Ise.Reservations are recommended as the number of seats is small.Please feel free to visit us from one person.We look forward to connecting with our customers.

516-0032 Yamatomachi, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 125-2
Phone number
11am to 00pm
17am to 00pm
Regular holidays
Parking Lot
20 general cars / 1 large buses
1.3 km from Kintetsu Ujiyamada Station
2 km from Ise-nishi IC
WEB site

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