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In the Event of a Disaster

Disaster Prevention Manual

If you encounter an earthquake in Ise

The entire area of ​​Mie Prefecture is the hypocenter area of ​​the Tokai, Tonankai, and Nankai earthquakes.

An earthquake that you may encounter at any time.You may be the one who protects you.
There is a lot of anxiety in the land where earthquakes cannot occur while traveling.No worries if you prepare!
Convenient before traveling to IseDisaster prevention Mie.jpDon't forget to register for the site!

Protect yourself first!

Beware of tsunamis along the sea! "Ise City will urgently broadcast earthquake information on disaster prevention radio!"

1. In the event of an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 4 or higher, the disaster prevention radio will broadcast seismic intensity information and a call for caution.
2. Even if the seismic intensity is 3 or less, it will be broadcast when there is a possibility of a tsunami.
3. It will also be broadcast when warnings and warnings regarding tsunamis are announced, and when evacuation advisories and evacuation orders are issued due to tsunamis, storms and floods, etc.

Ise is a plain, so if there are no mountains, the sea is beyond.In the event of a tsunami, evacuate to a nearby hill.

If you are traveling in a group, do not leave

Get the right information

How to get information?

・ Mobile phones can be used

Please see "Disaster prevention"!
You can see traffic information, damage information, evacuation sites, etc.

・ I can't use my mobile phone

1. Information can be obtained at convenience stores, gas stations (* some facilities are not covered), evacuation sites, etc. that display stickers for disaster return support stations.

Disaster prevention station mark

2. Get information on the radio
AM NHK 729st (909) NHK 1053nd (1332) CBC Radio (77.8) Tokai Radio (78.9) etc. FM ZIP-FM (78.1) FM Mie (79.5 * 81.8 in some areas) RADIO-i (XNUMX) NHK- FM (XNUMX) etc.

Tell your family and friends about your safety

Message dial "171"
"Disaster message board" from mobile phones

Let's check the means of returning home

1. First of all, let's check the evacuation site in case of emergency
2. Let's check the road conditions and public transportation operation status at "Disaster Prevention"
* Please refrain from making inquiries by phone as much as possible.

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