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[Full thanks] 6/18 Ise City Creators Worcation Thanks to Okage Yokocho Special Performance "Rokyoku Performance"

In the Ise City Creators Worcation Promotion Project, we will hold a rokyoku performance by Nanafuku Tamagawa, Namiho Tamagawa, and Mami Sawamura who are staying in Ise City at Okage Yokocho "Okage Yokocho".

* Thank you very much for your popularity.

◇ Cast: Nanafuku Tamagawa, Nanafuku Tamagawa, Mami Sawamura

◇ Date: June 4, 6th (Sat) 18: 13-
    * Advance application is required.
◇ Venue: Okage Yokocho "Okageza Mythical Hall"
    (52 Nakanocho, Ise City)
◇ Capacity: 40 people in each department
    Reception / 30 minutes before the start (Opening 10 minutes before the start)
◇ Fee: Free

·home page(Okage Yokocho Special Performance (
・ Telephone 0596-23-8844 (Reception 9: 30-17: 00)

Organizer / Ise City, Ise City Tourism Association
Co-sponsored / Ise Fuku Co., Ltd.

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