Committee introduction
Ise, the city of origin
Ise City Tourism Association Youth Club

(Public corporation) Ise City Tourism Association Youth Club Official Website

Ise Town Development Committee

  • Takeshi Hayashi
  • Chairman Takeshi Hayashi

~ Activity policy ~

In addition to general affairs related work related to the youth club (activity record, list management and business card creation, groupware, etc.), we will investigate the tourist map so far and update the restaurant map at night.In addition, as in the previous year, we will work on inbound promotion projects in anticipation of an increase in foreign tourists in the future, and contribute to the increase in foreign tourists visiting Ise.We will keep in mind the lively activities that are typical of the youth club, and will work on the pillars of smooth management of the youth club, improvement of tourism knowledge, and mutual friendship among members.

~Business plan~

(1) Matters concerning the rules

(2) Activity record (jointly with the secretariat)

(3) Management of youth club texts, etc.

(4) Management of list and creation of business cards (jointly with the secretariat)

(5) Creating a youth club notebook

(6) Management of youth club homepage

(7) Ee ja nai ka Ise's creation (jointly with the parent association)

(8) Groupware management (jointly with the IT committee)

(9) Management and preparation of materials for the board of directors

(10) Review and management of tourist maps
Survey of maps created so far, update / reprint of restaurant map at night

(11) Inbound promotion project (jointly with the parent association)

(12) Training inspection
I want to publicize Ise at the places I visit as well as training.

(13) Fellowship Family Association
Exchange between members and family members.

(14) New Year exchange party
Establish a place for interaction including parental meetings.

(15) Management of the general meeting

(16) Membership expansion

(17) General affairs business of bicycle rental (price revision, new station opening, poster, etc.)

Ise PR Committee

  • Satoshi Oyama
  • Chairman Satoshi Oyama

~ Activity policy ~

We collect fresh information about Ise and core information from the perspective of local people and disseminate it to the outside, and carry out activities to widely publicize Ise, such as parent associations, other youth committees, Ise city and other organizations. We will actively cooperate with you.In the tourism PR caravan business, we will try to attract customers by disseminating information and introducing products through PR caravans all over the country.In addition, in the Ise fan club business, we will acquire core Ise fans, provide fresh information, plan participatory events, and invite them to visit Ise again.Furthermore, in the eh-naka flight business, we have a lineup of Ise products and promote the appeal of Ise through product sales.Finally, in the rental cycle PR activity business, we will carry out PR activities that lead to ecotourism using the rental cycle "Ise MY Rin".

~Business plan~

(1) Tourism PR caravan (continuation business)
In cooperation with the parent association, other youth committees, Ise City and other organizations, we will search for PR destinations that will lead to attracting customers to Ise, mainly in the Kanto region, and strive to disseminate information and introduce Ise products.

(2) Ise fan club business (continuation business)
With Ise fan club members as the starting point for Ise tourism PR, we will build an interactive connection with an eye on measuring the effects of Ise tourism PR.Collecting information to provide fresh information to members, enhancing benefits using membership cards, measures for paperless offices, promoting information dissemination of Ise and creating a mechanism that makes each fan club member want to come. I will.

(3) Yes, it's a flight business (continuation business)
Aiming at the management work of "Ise no Kuni Departure Ejaka Flight", selection of new products, and establishment of a profit structure using Ee Jaka Flight, we will develop business utilizing the efforts of the "Ise PR Committee".In addition, we will regularly check the products listed on the yeah flight and hold a yeah flight selection committee to maintain a fresh homepage at all times.

(4) Bicycle rental PR activity business
We will carry out PR activities that will lead to the promotion of recognition and use of the rental cycle "Ise MY Rin".

Honaikoka!Kin-kun Committee

  • Ken Morita
  • Chairman Ken Morita

~ Activity policy ~

All youth club members will carry out PR activities using the official character of the Ise City Tourism Association, "Ise Kin-kun," and will also create goods and other items.
In addition, the tourism PR caravan business will be actively carried out in cooperation with other organizations.

~Business plan~

(1) Mascot character business
Public relations activities, local events, and media exposure will be carried out throughout Japan using the official character of the Ise City Tourism Association, "Ise Kin-kun."

(2) Mascot character goods production business
Create novelty goods and plan and design goods for sale.

(3) Management and cooperation of mascot characters
In order to facilitate PR and events, we will cooperate and cooperate with volunteer staff, local students, etc., and also share information with neighboring characters and groups and cooperate in holding events to cooperate with Ise-Shima as a whole. To attract tourists.

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