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About the Tourism Association Youth Club

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The Youth Club is one of the subcommittees of the Ise City Tourism Association, and is composed of managers and employees under the age of 45 in the association member (parent association member) office. We carry out activities that are beneficial to each business site through the tourism business of Ise City, such as PR activities using SNS and PR activities to the metropolitan area.

Covenant / Mutual Aid Society Constitution Guidelines


How to join


  • Tourism Association (Parent Association) Membership Application Form * Seal required

  • Subcommittee registration form

  • Memorandum of Understanding on the Elimination of Antisocial Forces* Seal required


    * Submit 2 of the same documents

    * Company name / name on the instep, stamp required on the side of the name

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  • Youth Club Membership Application Form * Seal requireddownload
    Please seal the above 5 sheets and deliver them to the secretariat.

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  • * If you have already joined the parent association, please submit only the application form in (XNUMX).

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■ Tourism Association Secretariat

Secretariat: 〒516-0074
16-2 Honmachi, Ise City, Mie Prefecture.

Tel: 0596-28-3705

Business hours 8: 30-17: 00 Monday-Friday (excluding holidays)


Approved at the next board meeting

  • Parental approval ... Board of directors (held once a month)

  • Youth Club Approval ... Board Meeting (held on the second Tuesday of every month)


Sending an email from the youth club to approve the membership

  • After approval, a separate Youth Department Contact Network Angel Touch (AT) account will be created and a guide will be sent to the registered email address.


Implementation of enrollment orientation

  • We will carry out in a timely manner.
    The person in charge will contact you regarding the schedule.


  • After the orientation, we will inform you about the next meeting and activities.



Youth Department Organization Chart

Youth Department Organization Chart



Youth Department Organization Chart
5 Youth Division Manager

Satoshi Ohyama

This year, as we head into the after-corona period, we will rethink the theme of tourists and tourism businesses in Ise and proceed with projects that are typical of the Youth Division.
In addition, we will continue to strive to recruit members of the youth division who will lead the next generation and to manage the organization better.Thank you for your cooperation in the youth club activities under the new system.



Information for each committee


Ise PR Committee

Yukiko Iwata

The impact of the new corona has settled down, and the tourism business is finally starting to move in earnest!
Under such circumstances, the Ise PR Committee would like to focus on the SNS transmission business and transmit information that will make people want to come to Ise and recommend it to others.
In addition, the Ise PR Committee holds regular meetings four times a year.I think it would be great if we could think of fun projects together with the members of the committee.thank you.

Ise PR Committee

Town of Ise
Development Committee

Chairman Naoki Higashiyama

The Ise Town Development Committee is a committee responsible for the smooth operation of the activities of the Youth Division.
In addition to creating notebooks, managing the website, and creating the newsletter "Eejanaika Ise," I also plan training visits and exchange programs.
We are also planning a family meeting this year, so I would like to deepen the friendship between members.I will do my best to make business activities enjoyable, so I ask for your continued support.

Development Committee

Kin-kun business


This is a business related to the official character of the Tourism Association, "Ise Kimin-kun".We are active in Ise's PR business, such as introducing many Ise specialties and famous places such as Ise udon and rice cakes, and participating in each event!

Kin-kun business

Both Auditors Hitokoto

This year, a preparatory committee for the Okihiki event is scheduled to be established, and I feel that preparations for the Sengu will finally begin for us, the people of Shinryo.
I believe that the Youth Division will become even more active in the future, and I would like you to enjoy the activities of the Youth Division with all your might, keeping in mind the feelings that you will pass on to the next generation.

The efforts of the youth division this time will be a good stimulus for the tourism association in the future.
I hope that free ideas will create new tourism and the city of Ise will develop.