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Now is the time for Ise

Meet the beautiful heart of Japan.

In the midst of the corona wreck, the environment surrounding the world continues to be extremely harsh.The website of the Ise City Tourism Association is a website that strongly conveys the culture and charm of "Ise," which is the source of the Japanese spirit, and allows us to reaffirm our pride as a Japanese.Ise is a town with a Jingu."Beautiful Japanese heart" is the sacred atmosphere and the culture and charm that has been passed down since ancient times.
I would like many people to feel "Ise now".
In addition to tourist attractions, we hope that you will first enjoy the good old "Beautiful Japanese Heart" such as long-established stores, traditional crafts, nature of Ise and the scenery of the city.
Even if you can't visit Ise, we look forward to the day when you can feel the charm of Ise = the beautiful heart of Japan and welcome you in Ise.
I wish you all happiness with the arrival of warm spring.


logo concept

The appearance of the Ise City Tourism Association is fused with the beauty of nature, such as Mt. Asamagatake, the flow of the Isuzu River, and the sun in the image of a god.

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