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Information (for members and businesses)

FY5 Ise City Small and Medium Enterprises Price Rising Support Fund Application Period 1/9-3/8
Announcement of Barrier-Free Seminar on ``Mental Barrier-Free Certification System'' on 12/26 (Tue)
We are looking for products to be sold at Ise City's official limited-time store "ISE SHOP" (location: Sapporo, Hokkaido)!

Organization information


Ise City Tourist Association Basic Principles

The Ise City Tourism Association has created a basic philosophy, basic policy, and basic plan.

All projects undertaken by the Ise City Tourism Association contribute to the achievement of the basic plan, the achievement of the basic plan leads to the achievement of the basic policy, and the achievement of the basic policy leads to the achievement of the basic philosophy.We will continue to operate the Ise City Tourism Association while thoroughly verifying whether the projects we are working on are contributing to the achievement of our basic philosophy.

【basic principle】

Working together to promote tourism in Ise City, where the shrine is enshrined, and revitalize the local economy

【Basic policy】

  • 1. Dissemination of information on the history and culture of Ise, centered on Jingu, and the appeal of the town of Ise
  • 2. Pursue hospitality that satisfies customers and improve the reception environment in line with the times
  • 3. Promotion of activities to attract customers and excursions within the area
  • 4. Demonstrating teamwork through sharing useful information, mutual exchange and cooperation

【basic plan】

  • a) Disseminating information about Ise (basic policy ①)
  • b) Creating attractive tourist destinations (basic policy XNUMX)
  • c) Efforts to achieve SDGs (basic policy XNUMX)
  • d) Activities to attract tourists to Ise (basic policy ③)
  • e) Extension of time spent in Ise city (basic policy ③)
  • f) Promotion of tourism consumption in Ise City (basic policy ③)
  • g) Demonstration of team power (basic policy ④)

[Business (general name only)]

  • Tourism information dissemination business
  • Acceptance environment improvement project
  • Passenger attraction business
  • Goods sales business
  • Tourism event business
  • Other business/Rental business
  • Member mutual business

[Basic Philosophy ⇔ Basic Policy ⇔ Basic Plan ⇔ Each Project]

By confirming that this ⇔ is connected and balanced, it becomes clear what the Ise City Tourist Association should do.In addition, the sharing of business with other cooperating organizations will be efficient and effective, and the promotion of tourism in Ise City will be strengthened.Based on this tree diagram, each subcommittee verifies the initiatives and projects, and rotates the PDS cycle.

Articles of Incorporation

Business group

Information dissemination subcommittee, hospitality event subcommittee, medium-term policy review subcommittee, youth subcommittee and 4 subcommittees are organized to promote tourism and industry through business management of the Ise City Tourism Association and cooperation with other organizations, and revitalize the region. And aim to improve the culture.

Information Dissemination Subcommittee

Having a specialized committee, we are active mainly in disseminating information using the tourism master / ambassador system and disseminating information using the Internet such as facebook, Twitter, and HP.In addition to disseminating information to the outside of Ise as the core of this subcommittee, it also plans training inspections and edits and publishes annual bulletins.

Hospitality event subcommittee

Ise organizes events sponsored by the association and events sponsored and cooperated by the association, and works to promote tourism in Ise throughout the year so that many tourists can enjoy Ise, aiming to revitalize the region. Subcommittee to liven up.

Medium-term Policy Review Subcommittee

From a medium- to long-term perspective, this subcommittee examines the ideal state of the association that will enable it to continue to fulfill its mission as a public interest incorporated association.

Youth Ministry

A subcommittee consisting of young managers and employees (age 45 or younger) of member business establishments of the Tourism Association, mainly conducting research and information on tourism, collecting materials, and holding events, in the tourism industry in the Ise region. A subcommittee for the purpose of promotion.

(Kosha) About the Youth Club of the Ise City Tourism Association

Membership application

About Ise City Tourist Association

Since its establishment in 22, the Ise City Tourism Association has been working to promote tourism and disseminate information in Ise City, which has many attractive resources as a place for the Jingu Shrine.In 25, the organization was renewed as a public interest incorporated association, conducting business related to tourism and industrial promotion in the area centered on Ise City, and activities aimed at contributing to the revitalization of the Ise regional economy and the improvement of culture. Doing.
We are always looking for membership applications for those who support our activities.

Join how

If you wish to join the Ise City Tourism Association, please fill out the necessary items on 1 membership application form, 2 registration to the subcommittee, 3 memorandum on exclusion of antisocial forces (2 copies), and then the association office work. Please mail or bring it to the station.After submission, formal admission will be decided after deliberation by the latest board of directors.

Membership classification / annual membership fee

Regular member annual membership fee 1 unit 9,000 yen 2 units or more
Sponsoring member Annual membership fee 1 unit 50,000 yen 1 unit or more

We appreciate your support for the purpose of this association.

Sponsorship request

Application for use of sponsor name

The Ise City Tourism Association accepts applications for the use of sponsorship names from organizations that carry out cultural projects, etc.
To apply, please download the application form (PDF or Word file) below and submit it to the Ise City Tourism Association.

Event posting request

If you would like to have event information published, please fill out the form below and submit.
*It may take about a week from application to publication. Please apply with plenty of time to spare.
*We may refuse to publish information that has little relevance to tourism or event information that is of little public interest.
 We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.
*Minor amendments may be made to the event information you have applied for.


Inquiries about sightseeing information in Ise City
Iseshieki Information Center
516-0073-1 Fukiage, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 1-4 JR Iseshi Station
TEL / FAX: 0596-65-6091
Business hours: 9:00-17:30

Inquiries about volunteer guides
Geku Mae Tourist Information Center
516-0074 Honmachi, Ise City, Mie Prefecture. 14-6
TEL / FAX: 0596-63-6262
Business hours: 8: 30-17: 00 Monday-Friday (excluding holidays)

516-0074 Honmachi, Ise City, Mie Prefecture. 16-2

Business hours 8: 30-17: 00 Monday-Friday (excluding holidays)

Ise City Tourism Association Official Character Ise Kinkun

"Ise Kimin-kun" is the official character of the Ise City Tourism Association.
Please check the official website for details, activities, appearance requests, etc. of Ise Kimin-kun.

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