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Ise Grand Shrine Dedicated National Fireworks Festival "Atokara Ticket"


A service that allows you to pay the viewing fee after the fireworks display has started.

"I was impressed!" "It was fun!" "I made memories!" "Thank you!"

With that in mind, we have created a service called “Atokara Ticket” that allows you to purchase a ticket after the fireworks display and pay the viewing fee to the organizer “later”.

The viewing fee from the ticket purchase will be used as the holding fund to support the holding of the fireworks display.
You can pay from 500 yen.

For next year's fireworks display, please help us.

How to sell

Sold at the fireworks viewing ticket sales site “FIREWORKS STORE”.

[Click here to apply]
Dedicated sales site "FIREWORKS STORE"

Sales price

You can purchase as many as you like for 1 yen each.

Sales period

Reiwa 5/9/30

The purchaser will receive a thank you message from the Executive Committee.

★Purchase benefits★
3 people will be selected by lottery from among the purchasers and will be presented with a "fireworks imitation ball".

[Ise Grand Shrine Dedicated National Fireworks Festival Official Website]

Organizer: Ise Jingu Dedicated National Fireworks Festival Committee

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