Congestion situation of sightseeing spots

Mobile battery ChargeSPOT is installed


The Ise City Tourism Association has set up ChargeSPOTs where you can rent mobile batteries and manages 10 ChargeSPOTs in Ise City to improve the convenience of people visiting Ise for sightseeing.

If you have trouble charging your smartphone or mobile phone, please use this service.

Installation location

This is the ChargeSPOT installation location managed by the Ise City Tourism Association.

Around Ise Jingu Inner Shrine, Oharaimachi, Okage Yokocho

・Matsujiro no Ise Oharaimachi store
・Ise medicine main shop
・Ujiurata Tourist Information Center

Ise Jingu Geku/Around Ise City Station

・Kinoshita Tea Garden (Gekumae store)
・Ise City Station baggage storage XNUMXnd floor
・Mitasu no Yu

Around JR Futamiura Station, Meoto Iwa, and Futami Okitama Shrine

・Futamiura Tourist Information Center

How to use “ChargeSPOT”

Renting requires a ChargeSPOT app or a smartphone payment app.

Smartphone payment app
You can use the PayPay app, d Payment app, au PAY app, LINE app, WeChat app, and App Clip.

App name: ChargeSPOT Charge Spot

Please visit the official website to download the app.
Charge Spot Official Homepage

“ChargeSPOT” usage fee (tax included)


*If you exceed 120 hours (5 days) after the start of rental, you will be required to pay a total of 3,980 yen (including usage fee and 2,000 yen penalty).

About “ChargeSPOT”

ChargeSPOT official homepage

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