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Full-scale implementation of the cycle train between Matsusaka Station and Kashikojima Station!


~ A new outing style that combines “railway” and “bicycle” ~

From Saturday, September 2022, 9, Kintetsu will operate a cycle train between Matsuzaka Station and Kashikojima Station throughout the year, except during peak season.
(Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only between Matsuzaka Station and Ujiyamada Station)

Cycle Train is a service that allows you to enjoy cycling as soon as you bring your bicycle into the train, get off the train and exit the station!

Implementation section

Between Isuzugawa Station and Kashikojima Station
*Cycle trains cannot be used at Iseshi Station and Ujiyamada Station on weekdays.

【Weekends and holidays】
Between Matsusaka Station and Kashikojima Station

How to Use

(XNUMX) No additional charge is required, and can be brought in with just a ticket.
(XNUMX) Advance reservations are not required.
(XNUMX) You can ride the train as it is without dismantling the bicycle (no need to store it in a bicycle bag)
*As long as the bicycle is dismantled and stored in a bicycle bag, it is possible to bring it on board even if the cycle train is outside the train/section.
(XNUMX) In order to prevent falls on the train, please bring straps, straps, etc. to fix to handrails.


For details, please check Kinki Nippon Railway (Cycle Train).

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