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About holding Ise Koi Meguri-Here someday again [2022.12.15-2023.02.28]

The 2022 version of Ise Koi Meguri ~Someday Here Again~ has started.

this time too,

Just like last year, visit the charging spots around Geku→Naiku→Futamiura in order, and read the story displayed in each area to complete a romance novel 📗♪
This Koi Meguri is linked to Line, and if you register the official Ise Koi Meguri LINE as a friend and enter the keywords that appear at the end of each area's story into LINE, you will be able to download Mr. Chinda's original illustrations. increase!
By all means, please enjoy the XNUMX version of Ise Koi Meguri ~Someday Here Again~♪

[Charge spot installation location]
<Around Geku>
① Iseshi Station Baggage Storage
②Kinoshita Tea Garden Outer Shrine Store
③Henbaya store Iseshi station square store
④Fuzantei, Ise City Tourism Association

<Around Naiku>
① Senokuniya
②Uji Urata Remote Tourist Information Center
③Matsujiro store

<Around Futami>
①Futamiura Tourist Information Center
②Ise Meoto Iwameoto Yokocho

<Around Kawasaki>
①Ise Funae Onsen Mitasu no Yu

<Around Isuzugawa Station>
①Orange Cafe Wood

[Illustration]: Chinda

[Poetry]: Sora

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