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12/10/11 Ise-Shima e-POWER ROAD (Ise-Shima Skyline) free admission

Ise-Shima Skyline changed name to Ise-Shima e-POWER ROAD

The sightseeing road "Ise-Shima Skyline", which is a scenic driving course connecting Ise and Toba, has been renamed "Ise-Shima e-POWER ROAD" by giving naming rights to Nissan Motor so that more people can know its charm. rice field.

In commemoration of this, tolls will be free for two days on December 12th (Sat) and 10th (Sun) so that more people can experience the fun of running on the "Ise-Shima e-POWER ROAD". becomes.

Free access to Ise-Shima e-POWER ROAD 

Free opening period

2022 year 12 month 10 day (Saturday) · 11 date (day)
Both days from 7:19 to XNUMX:XNUMX


During the period, the toll will be free for everyone (*)

*For business hours, traffic regulations, and allowed vehicles, please refer to the Ise-Shima e-POWER ROAD official website ( )Please confirm.
Vehicles that cannot pass or that violate the passenger capacity rules cannot use the road.

The concept movie "Ise-Shima e-POWER ROAD" starring Shingo Yanagisawa has been released!

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