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9/3~10 GASMAIL Exhibition

A record of sending commemorative postcards one at a time, 365 days a year

The GASMAIL exhibition, which was held at the Ise Post Office until August 4, 8 (Wednesday), will continue to be held at a different location!

37A (Sanae), an artist participating in the Ise City Creators' Workation, collects a large number of commemorative postcards, one per day, and continues to send them to a friend who runs a gas store in Ise.

Also available on Saturdays and Sundays.Please take a look!

○ Date and time 

September 4 (Sat) to September 9 (Sat), 3
14:00am ~ 19:00am

○ Location 

NEO ALONE (2-12-2 Miyago, Ise City)

○Admission fee


○Inquiry (E-mail)

・The exhibition may be canceled due to the epidemic situation of the new coronavirus infection.
・Please cooperate with checking your physical condition on the day, wearing a mask, disinfecting with alcohol, etc.

*Ise City Creators Workation is a project that provides creative activities in Ise to professional creators in the fields of culture and arts, supports accommodation operators during the corona crisis, and leads to future tourism PR. 


37A (Sanae) 

Born in 1976. Lives in Tokyo. Graduated from Osaka Municipal Ogimachi Commercial High School.
DJ-Q-Bert's CD jacket illustration debut.After that, he worked on label logos and T-shirt designs for the musicians around him.He is the head of the record label PANTY.He has various faces such as the tin badge shop EL POYO LOCO and the apparel line P / HOUSE, and is also active as a DJ himself.

○ Inquiries

Ise City Tourism Attraction Division
8:30-17:15 (weekdays) 

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