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10/8 (Sat) Kintetsu Hiking "Iseshima's first craft whiskey 'Kamiji' can be visited! Visit the 'Iseman' head office factory"

As part of the 8th Area Campaign "MEET SMILE! Ise-Shima", Kintetsu and Ise-Shima have collaborated on Ise-Shima's first craft whiskey "Kamiji", which won the gold medal at the ISC2022 liquor competition held in England. We will carry out the "Kintetsu Hiking" where you can see the unblended sake storage of ".

In addition to viewing the undiluted sake storage of the craft whiskey "Kamiji", which will be open to the public for the first time, you can also taste "Kamiji" and gin "Isejin" using local specialties such as Ise tea and sea lettuce for a fee. increase.Enjoy the sake made by the only brewery in Ise-Shima while walking along the Ise Kaido, where old-fashioned scenery still remains.

Implementation date  

2022 years 10 month 8 day (Saturday) 

Reception place/time

In front of Meisei Station on the Kintetsu Yamada Line
(Rainy weather, stormy weather canceled)

* Visiting time for craft whiskey “Kamiji” undiluted sake storage
  From 1:0 to 15:0


about XNUMXkm

Participation fee 


way to participate  

Reception on the day


Myojo Station…Tenrinji Temple…Prefectural Daibutsuyama Park…Omata Sanchoku City Sun Farm Obata…Masuya…Iseman…Akeno Station


(At Iseman Head Office Factory)
・Tour of whiskey unprocessed sake storage that will be open to the public for the first time
・ Paid tasting, spot sale, amazake behavior
* Customers will be responsible for transportation expenses to the site and fees for paid tastings.

Kinki Nippon Railway HP (Kintetsu Hiking)

About "Kintetsu Hiking"

Participation fee is free, no reservation is required (except for some courses), and it is a hike that starts from a station along the Kintetsu line.
Anyone from beginners to advanced riders can easily enjoy a unique course where you can enjoy famous places and recommended spots.

About the XNUMXth area campaign “MEET SMILE! Ise Shima”

This is a tourism promotion campaign that aims to revitalize a specific area by intensively promoting it.
Kintetsu, the Ise-Shima Tourism and Convention Organization, Ise City, Toba City, and Shima City will disseminate events in the Ise-Shima area and the attractions of Ise-Shima, and the region will work together to boost the campaign.With the hope that everyone will smile in Ise-Shima, which is rich in nature and food, the theme will be "Smiles". 

About “Iseman Co., Ltd.”

In XNUMX (Showa XNUMX), it started when a liquor license was obtained in Akeno, Omata-cho, Watarai-gun (now Ise City), and in XNUMX (Showa XNUMX), it became Iseman Co., Ltd. as it is today.As the only brewery in Ise-Shima, in the land of Ise surrounded by rich nature, we use underground water from the Isuzu River, which flows through the sacred precincts of Ise Jingu, and the Miya River, which has been selected as the clearest stream in Japan. We manufacture and sell shochu, sake, and liqueurs.


Kintetsu Nagoya Event Section 059-354-7007
Business hours 9:10-18:00 (closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
*Information on whether the event can be held or not will be made by automatic voice after 6:30 in the morning of the day.

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