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10/7- 70th JABA Ise-Matsusaka Tournament at Ise Jingu dedication amateur baseball

From October 2022, 10 (Friday) to 7 days (rainy weather postponed), at Dime Stadium Ise (Ise City Kuratayama Park Baseball Stadium) and Dream Ocean Stadium (Mie Prefectural Matsuzaka Baseball Stadium), Ise Jingu dedication amateur baseball No. 5 The annual JABA Ise-Matsusaka Tournament will be held.


Five days from Friday, October 2022, 10 (postponed in case of rain)

*The match on the first day was canceled due to rain and was postponed to October 1.


Dime Stadium Ise (Ise Municipal Kuratayama Park Ballpark)

Dream Ocean Stadium (Mie Prefectural Matsusaka Baseball Stadium)
* Admission free

Game bulletin

Click here for the match report and details

Japan Baseball Federation Official Site (The 70th JABA Ise/Matsusaka Tournament Combination)

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