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11/27 “One Coin Rakugo @ Ise” by Mr. Sunshi Tatekawa

As part of the Ise City Creators' Workation Promotion Project, we will hold a rakugo performance by Mr. Sunshi Tatekawa, a rakugo storyteller residing in Ise City.On the day of the rakugo show, in addition to the two seats of rakugo, you can hear behind-the-scenes stories from the rakugo world.

Mr. Sunshi Tachikawa is a middle-aged star who started working at a publishing company at the age of 44!
Please take a look at this opportunity.

One coin rakugo @ Ise

Date: November 4, 11 (Sun)

Time: Scheduled to start at 15:16 and end at 20:XNUMX
(Doors open at 14:30, with intermission)

Venue: Sinfonia Technology Hibiki Hall Ise 4th Floor Large Conference Room

Capacity: 50 people

Fee (Kido Sen): 500 yen
(Please pay at the venue on the day)

Inquiries: Ise City Tourism Attraction Division
Telephone 0596-21-5565 

Online application:

*As a countermeasure against coronavirus infections, please wear a mask and cooperate with disinfection.

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