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2/19 (Sun.) Concert "RYORYO Solo Concert"

Ryoryo, a musician who participated in the "Ise City Creators' Workation Promotion Project" that has been running since 2, will give a concert of music based on the Tale of Amano Iwato.

Using piano, guitar, natural sounds, electronics, etc., you can listen in a calm atmosphere.
On this day, please see, listen to, and experience RYORYO's music, which can only be experienced at this place.

Date and Time  

Sunday, October 5, 2nd year of Reiwa
14 am to 15 pm
(Reception starts at 13:XNUMX)


Sinfonia Technology Hibiki Hall Ise
(Ise City Tourism Culture Center) Foyer
13-15-XNUMX Iwabuchi, Ise City

Admission fee  



online form (
Or by phone or fax to the Cultural Policy Division.Participation on the day is also possible.

* For details, please refer to the Ise City website ( look at.


Ise City Information Strategy Bureau Cultural Policy Division
Phone: 0596-22-7885
FAX: 0596-22-3454

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