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Cherry blossom flowering information in Ise City [R6.4.15 updated]

Cherry blossoms in Ise cityIt was all scattered. Look forward to seeing you again next year.

This year's cherry blossom flowering information has ended.

Miyagawa embankment

April 15, XNUMX Scattered

Miyagawa Tsutsumi Sakura Illumination

The light-up of Miyagawa Tsutsumi for 2026 has ended.

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* To alleviate congestion during the full bloom period, please avoid busy hours and cooperate with us by using public transportation.

Futami Otonashiyama

April 15, 2020 scattered

Click here for Otonashiyama

Isuzu River bank

April 15, 2020 scattered

The Isuzu River Cherry Blossom Festival ended on April 7th.

Former Toyomiyazaki Bunko

The exhibition of Kyutoyo Miyazaki Bunko and Oyanezakura in 2026 has ended. 

Sato no Megumi Fuwa / Yokowa Sakura

April 15, 2020 Scattered

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