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11/13 (Sun) Chochora group rakugo show

Chochora-gumi (Bungo Tachibana, Shigaraki Ryutei, Ponta Sanyutei, Kashime Tachikawa), a group of rakugo storytellers staying in Ise City, held a rakugo performance as part of the Ise City Creators Workation Promotion Project. It will be held at the restaurant.

Chochora-gumi is a world-wide group of Rakugo artists selected from Rakugo Association, Rakugo Art Association, Fifth Enraku Ichimonkai, Rakugo Tachikawa School, and each Rakugo school. Please look.

The 5th Yamada Vaudeville Show


Sunday, November 4, 11


13:30 (doors open 12:30)


(Public corporation) Ise City Tourism Association "Fuantei"
(16-2 Honmachi, Ise City)


30 people (unreserved seats)

Fee (Kidosen)

2,000 Yen
(Please pay at the venue on the day)

(Web reception only)

The WEB is the best way

Click here for online application

(Organizer: Team Ise Asobi Cooperation: Ise City / (Public Corporation) Ise City Tourism Association)

*Fuzantei does not have its own parking lot, so please use public transportation or the nearest parking lot.
(Please do not use the parking lot reserved for Geku worshipers.)

*We are sorry, but preschoolers are not allowed to enter.
*As a countermeasure against coronavirus infections, please wear a mask and cooperate with disinfection.

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