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2022/8/1 Hassaku Sangu Ise Jingu Sotomiya-san Visit with a yukata

Ise Jingu Sotomiya-san visit with a yukata

Why don't you visit Mr. Tonomiya in a yukata on August XNUMXst and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of summer evening?

What is Hassaku Sangu?

August 8st is called Hassaku.In the Ise region, on this day, there was a practice called "Hassaku Sangu", where people worship at Ise Jingu to pray for a good harvest and no illness.In addition, early August was the hottest summer season, and Hassaku Sangu was held with the meaning of removing the heat and refreshing the mind and body.

Date and Time

Reiwa 4th August 8st (Monday) 1: 17-21: XNUMX (rainy weather)


Ise Jingu Geku area, in front of Hiyoke Bridge, Sengukan dedication stage, Sotomiya Mae street open space, etc.
(Approximately XNUMX minutes on foot from Kintetsu / JR Iseshi Station)

Event details (both planned)

Night worship at the outer shrine and Tsukiyominomiya (can be worshiped until 20:XNUMX)

・ In front of Hiyoke Bridge
18: 18-45: XNUMX Taiko performance 
18:20 Meeting Everyone visits

・ In front of the Sotomiya Kaguraden
18: 40-20: XNUMX Presenting a souvenir for worship

・ Sengukan dedication stage
17: 17-15: XNUMX Mythical picture-story show
17:20 National anthem singing Megumi Hiro
17: 30-17: 50 Part XNUMX
19: 15-19: 40 Part XNUMX

・ Geku-Tsukiyominomiya-Akanesha
17: 20-XNUMX: XNUMX Stamp Rally

・ Sotomiya-mae street square
Lively live from 20:20 to 55:XNUMX

Yukata dressing, Hassaku Harawata mochi behavior, dance ring, Shintoji illusion, Geku Monoshiri Chibikko Grand Prix, etc. are planned.

In order to prevent new coronavirus infections, Aji no Yataimura, Hassaku Haikukai, and Taiki-cho shoji lanterns will be cancelled.

Related events

The 22nd Walk in Oshio Michi (Futami-Geku)
July 4, 7th year of Reiwa (Monday / holiday)
7:45 am Futami General Branch Meeting
Arrive at Sotomiya from 11:12 am to XNUMX:XNUMX am
Participation fee 500 yen for adults, XNUMX yen for elementary school students
Application FAX 0596-24-8620
TEL 090-1097-0266 (Yoshikawa) or 090-7696-2862 (Okuda)
Application deadline July 13th


Mr. Sotomiya's Yukata Visiting Executive Committee / Sotomiya Nigiwai Meeting

Phone 090-3257-7674 (Sakata)

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