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Ise view spot

Introducing major spots where you can enjoy the scenery of Ise and hot spots.In addition to visiting Jingu and walking around Oharaimachi / Thanks Yokocho, please visit the view spots of Ise.

Ise-Shima Skyline

Driveway in the sky

The "Ise-Shima Skyline," which runs vertically through Iseshima and connects Ise and Toba, is one of the best view spots in Ise-Shima!

There is a place to park your car at each viewpoint, so you can drive in the spectacular view of Ise-Shima National Park.

Yamagami Koen

The view from Yamagami Koen overlooking Ise-Shima is truly spectacular!
When the weather is fine, you can even see Mt. Fuji.

View footbath

At the observation footbath, you can enjoy the view from an altitude of 500m while relaxing in the footbath.Many people come here to see the fireworks display and the first sunrise of the year.

Post in the sky

Yamagami Koen has a lover's sanctuary, "Post in the Sky," and it is popular to post letters from here to convey your feelings for your loved ones.In addition, the contrast between the blue of the sky and the red of the post is beautiful and it is also a photo spot.There is also a restaurant and a mountaintop shop where you can enjoy light meals and shopping.Please buy stamps and postcards at the shop and post them.If you send a letter from this post, it will be the only postmark of "Ise".

At Ise Shima Skyline, you can consult with us about using roads outside business hours, mountaintop facilities, and reserved parking lots.
In addition to shooting promotional videos and pamphlets that take advantage of the landscape, please contact us if you have a wide variety of events and event venues using Yamagami Koen / Yamagami Square.

Futaminoura Beach

The calm waves, rough waves, and the sea of ​​Futamiura that show various appearances.I think there are many people who are attracted to the sea.Sit on the embankment of the coast and come relax to hear the sound of the waves.

The embankment near Kodama Shrine on the Futaminoura coast protrudes into the sea, and you can go offshore while taking a walk.If you walk there, you can enjoy the atmosphere as if you were walking on the sea.

Two rocks line up in the sea of ​​Futamiura.It is "Meotoiwa" that people from all over the world, not only Japan, are attracted to.If the weather is nice, you can see the sunrise between the rocks in the summer and the moonrise in the fall and winter.If various conditions are met, you may be able to see Mt. Fuji through the rocks.

In addition, Futaminoura Beach will open in the summer.There is a shower, toilet and changing room.Why don't you come and relax at the cozy beach?

Daibutsuyama Park

Daibutsuyama Park is a city park that straddles Ise City, Meiwa Town, Taki District, and Tamaki Town, Watarai District, and consists of Mie Prefectural Daibutsuyama Park and the Ise City Daibutsuyama Park Sports Center established by Ise City.This park on a small hill is loved as a place for sports and recreation.
There are two places, "Observatory" (Observatory Multipurpose Square) and "Observation Square", where you can look around and enjoy the scenery.

The observatory on the management office side opens from the north to the east, and on a clear day you can see Ise Bay and the Chita Peninsula in the distance, and you can also see Mt. Tsubonegatake, Mt. Shiraizan, and Mt. Hossaka.
From the observation plaza at the end of the nature walk, you can see the southeastern direction, and you can see the cityscape of Ise City and Tamaki Town below, and the magnificent view of Shishigatake.
There are no street lights on either road, so it's a good idea to bring a flashlight after dark.

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