Congestion situation of sightseeing spots

About corona measures in Ise city


Ise Clean Daisakusen

The Ise City Tourism Association is working on the new coronavirus infection prevention measure "Ise Clean Daisakusen".
With the cooperation of stores along the road used by tourists, we have set up alcohol stands along the way so that you can easily use alcohol. (See the map below)
In addition, we make it possible to check the congestion status of tourist spots on the Internet. (Please check from the link below)

* For a fun trip, please cooperate in preventing infection and spread, such as disinfecting hands, cough etiquette, and introducing a contact confirmation app.

This is a list of stores, facilities, and sightseeing spots that have alcohol in Ise City.

Delivery of congestion status such as tourist spots

Congestion status distribution such as sightseeing spots is carried out for major sightseeing spots in Ise city.Please see the current congestion status from the link below.

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