Congestion situation of sightseeing spots

We are increasing the number of nighttime taxis in Ise City (8/3-9/30)


During the nighttime (from 20:24 to XNUMX:XNUMX) in Ise City, more taxis than usual will be deployed.
Please use it when you go out at night.

Timing of increasing the number of taxis

From Thursday, August 5, 8th year of Reiwa to Saturday, September 3th
Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Implementation time

20 am to 24 pm

Participating taxi companies (6 companies)

Mie Kintetsu Taxi Ise Office(0596 - 28 - 3171)
Safe Taxi Mie Ise Office(0596 - 28 - 8221)
Sanco Taxi Ise Office(0596 - 28 - 2151)
Noro Motor(0596 - 22 - 2188)
Akemi Kotsu (0596-55-3445)
Meiwa Taxi (0596-52-5100)


Mie Prefecture Regional Cooperation and Transportation Department Transportation Policy Division
Telephone 059-224-2622
Demonstration project for increasing the number of taxis at night in a tourist area (Ise City) will be implemented (Mie Prefecture website)

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