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Until application 5/31 Temporary support for SMEs and sole proprietors


Temporary support application until 5/31

Small and medium-sized enterprises, sole proprietors, etc. whose sales decreased by 2021% or more due to the shortened business hours of restaurants and the refraining from going out and moving unnecessarily due to the declaration of emergency of the new coronavirus infection issued in January 1. "Temporary support for mitigating the impact of the state of emergency" (temporary support) will be provided to everyone.

Application is until 5/31.

There are also special cases such as new opening special cases (2019/2020) and seasonal income special cases.

Please check again to see if it is eligible for application.

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[Benefit target]
Businesses that meet the following (XNUMX) and (XNUMX) can be eligible for benefits regardless of industry or location.

(XNUMX) Being affected by shortened business hours at restaurants or refraining from going out due to the state of emergency
(* 1)

(19) Sales decreased by 20% or more in January, February or March 21 compared to 1 or 2 years.

(* 1)
"Statistical data showing that more than 5% of tourists are visiting cities, towns and villages from within the declared area" required for application
It is posted on the Ise City website as data excerpted from the Ise City Tourist Survey.

Please use it as needed.

Consultation desk

Temporary support fund secretariat: 0120-211-240 
Inquiries from IP phones, etc .: 03-6629-0479 (Call charges apply)

* Reception hours are from 8:30 to 19:00 (all day including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
* The contact point for inquiries regarding the application for temporary support will be extended until 21:XNUMX on weekdays.

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