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About rediscovering the charm of the local area of ​​Ise City and registering as a store support gift certificate dealer


We would like to inform you about the rediscovery of local attractions in Ise City and the store support gift certificate business.
A gift certificate with 1 sheets per book (13 yen ticket x 500 sheets for a total of 00 yen) will be sold for 5,000 yen.

Gift certificate sales period
Reiwa 3rd August 8nd (Monday) -August 2st (Tuesday)

Gift certificate usage period
Reiwa 3rd August 8nd (Monday) -August 2st (Tuesday)

If you would like to register as a dealer, please check here.
[Implementation guidelines]

[Application and pledge]
Applications will be accepted at any time.

For stores applying until June 3th (Wednesday), the store name will be listed on the store list leaflets set up at each post office in the city from August XNUMXnd (Monday).

Where to submit the application form

Ise Chamber of Commerce Phone 0596-25-5153 FAX 0596-23-1151
1-7-17 Iwabuchi, Ise City

Ise City Local charm rediscovery / store support gift certificate

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