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About recruitment of products for sale at Ise City official limited-time store "ISE SHOP" [Minami Machida Grandberry Park]


Ise City and the Ise City Tourism Association (public corporation) sell local products in the Tokyo metropolitan area and promote tourism in the city while the number of tourists is decreasing due to the corona disaster, thereby expanding the sales channels of local products and raising awareness. A limited-time store "ISE SHOP" will be set up at the complex commercial facility "Minami Machida Grandberry Park" in Machida City, Tokyo, with the aim of connecting to and attracting tourists after the end of Corona.

Therefore, we are looking for local products to be sold at "ISE SHOP".

Businesses wishing to participate should check the application guidelines and apply by fax or using the dedicated form.

Please check here for details.
Ise City Official Limited Time Store ISE SHOP Recruitment of products for sale [Minami Machida Grandberry Park]

Admission Information

Application for participation

There are two ways to apply for participation.

① Apply from the homepage

Please access the "ISE SHOP" page of the limited-time store below.
With "STEP2 application form"
Enter the required information in the "STEP 3 Product Registration Form" and enter it.
Click the submit button at the bottom of each page.

Limited time store "ISE SHOP" page

② Other applications

Submit the application form to the Ise City Tourism Association by fax or mail.

Application deadline

Until 3:10 on Wednesday, October 20, 17rd year of Reiwa 
* In the case of mail, it must arrive on the day.


[Application / Delivery / Clearing]

516-0074 Honmachi, Ise City. 16-2
Ise City Tourism Association

TEL: 0596-28-3705  
FAX: 0596-27-1049  

[Business matters]

〒516-8601 7-29-XNUMX Iwabuchi, Ise City 
(Ise City Hall Main Government Building East Building 3rd Floor Counter 306)

Ise City Industrial Tourism Department Commerce, Industry and Labor Administration Division
TEL: 0596-21-5512  
FAX: 0596-21-5651

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