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Mie no Aso Camp 23 (3rd edition) ~Let's play with Mijumaru and Mie~


Enjoy up to 30% off on rental bicycles

The campaign "Mie no Aso Camp 23 (3rd edition) ~ Let's play with Mijumaru and Mie ~" is running until the end of February 2024, where you can enjoy play experiences in Mie Prefecture at a great price.
You can also rent bicycles at the Ise City Station Luggage Storage and Geku-mae Tourist Service Center.Please take advantage of this opportunity.
(Futamiura Tourist Information Center is not eligible.)


Jalan play/experience
Friday, December 2023, 12 - Wednesday, February 1, 2024

Eligible persons

Applicable to people all over the country


①Up to 30% discount on play experience fees

Please make a reservation after obtaining a coupon (hometown discount coupon) on the "Jalan Play/Experience Special Site".
Please select and apply the coupon on the payment information entry screen.
Click here for the Jalan play/experience special site

The Ise City Tourism Association rents out bicycles within Ise City.
Please use all means.
*Futamiura Tourist Information Center is not eligible for Jalan reservations.

Ise City Tourism Association rental bicycle information

②Mie support Pokemon “Mijumaru” sticker present

・For those who used the discount coupon of "Mie no Aso Camp 23" during the period,
We will distribute one sticker of the Mie Support Pokémon “Mijumaru” to each person.
・Ise City is a sticker for the Ise-Shima area.
*Distribution will end as soon as the stickers run out.

Mie homepage

Campaign to promote the use of play experiences “Mie no Aso Camp 23 (3rd edition) ~ Let’s play with Mijumaru and Mie ~” (Mie Prefecture homepage)

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