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Recommended course for girls' trip (active edition) Day 3

Time required: 1 day (2 nights and 3 days)


About 6 minutes by bus from Kintetsu Isuzugawa Station, get off at "Naiku-mae"
* Please note that there are few buses from Isuzugawa Station!


Ise Shrine/Naiku (Kotaijingu)Ise Jingu / Naku Kotai Jingu

Feel the history of about 2000 years at Ise Jingu Naiku, which is full of nature

Naiku (Kotai Jingu) is the main place to visit Ise.The inner shrine enshrines Amaterasu Omikami, the ancestor of the imperial family.It's a very popular tourist spot, so it's recommended to visit early in the morning when it's less crowded.Enjoy a refreshing time in the morning at the inner shrine surrounded by nature.
Worship early in the morning to calm your mind.Next, go to "Matsujiro no Pachi", which sells domestic honey.

Ise Jingu / Naiku
Ise Jingu / Naiku
Ise Jingu / Naiku

About a 3-minute walk from Ise Jingu / Naiku (Kotai Jingu)


Honey store Matsujiro honey storeHoney and Matsujiro no Mise

At the long-established store Matsujiro, try making lip balm and hand cream using honey.

At "Matsujiro no Pa", you can make lip balms and hand creams using your favorite scented honey and aroma.
Honey is popular for its flower-scented "flowers," and its aroma is popular for its orange-based scent.Add your own honey and aroma oil to the prepared ingredients and stir slowly.Put the stirred liquid in the case and wait until it hardens.Finally, decorate the case with masking tape and you're done.
Moisturizing is perfect with handmade lip and hand cream!To the next spot "Tsukiyomi-no-miya"

Honey store Matsujiro honey store
Honey store Matsujiro honey store
Honey store Matsujiro honey store

25 minutes walk from Matsujiro's pavement

10 minutes by car from Matsujiro's pavement


Tsukiyomi-no-miya (Koutaijingu Betsugu)Tsukuyomi no Miya

The four shrines lined up in the precincts are a masterpiece!Tsukiyomi-no-miya standing in the forest

Tsukiyomi-no-miya, the annex of the Ise Jingu Naiku.Tsukuyomi no Mikoto, the younger brother of Amaterasu Omikami, is enshrined.There are four shrines lined up in Tsukiyomi-no-miya, and the order of worship is January-Yomimiya, February-Yomiara Mitamanomiya, 4 Izanagi-no-miya, and 1 Izanagi-no-miya. (Miya Izanami).
Tsukiyomi-no-miya also enshrines the rough soul of Tsukiyomi-son, the parent gods Izanagi-son and Izanami-son.
After worshiping at Tsukiyomi-no-miya, lunch on the final day is Italian at "Cuccagna.3".


About a 15-minute walk from Tsukiyomi-no-miya (Imperial Grand Shrine Annex)

About 5 minutes by car from Tsukiyomi-no-miya (Imperial Grand Shrine Bekkyu)


Cucgna.3Kukka Nya Tore

Cuccagna.3 Italian lunch using ingredients from Mie prefecture

"Cuccagna.3" has a nice white-based fashionable appearance.I ordered apples and Gorgonzola pizza, oysters from Totori and fresh pasta with seasonal vegetables in tomato sauce.Soup is included with the pizza lunch, and appetizers and bread are included with the pasta lunch.Raw pasta has a chewy texture.Rich cheese and apple pizza has a rich and addictive taste.
Exercise after filling your stomach!Assisted bicycle to Ise Kawasaki Merchant Hall

Gorgonzola pizza with apples

Gorgonzola pizza with apples

Raw pasta with oysters from Momotoricho and tomato sauce with seasonal vegetables

Raw pasta with oysters from Momotoricho and tomato sauce with seasonal vegetables


About 3 minutes by bicycle from Cuccagna.15.


Ise Kawasaki Merchant Hall Isekawasaki Shoninkan

Learn about history while feeling the atmosphere of Ise Kawasaki Ise Kawasaki Merchant Hall

The Ise Kawasaki Merchant Hall consists of seven warehouses and two townhouses, all of which are designated as nationally registered tangible cultural properties.In the warehouse, tools and documents that unravel the history of Kawasaki are exhibited, and you can also take pictures in the elegant building that was left as it was at that time.Many historically important items such as Japan's oldest banknote "Yamada Hasho" are preserved.
After learning the history of the merchant storehouse, take a break at the "merchant storehouse cafe"

Ise Kawasaki Merchant Hall
Ise Kawasaki Merchant Hall

A short walk from Ise Kawasaki Merchant Hall


Merchant storehouse cafeShoningura Cafe

Immerse yourself in the world of Ise Kawasaki at a merchant storehouse cafe with a calm atmosphere

"Merchant warehouse cafe" which renovated the warehouse facing the river.Once inside, there is a souvenir shop as well as a cafe.
This time, we chose the seasonal menu strawberry roll cake and Ise Japanese black tea.The roll cake filled with cream is modest in sweetness and very easy to eat!Ise Japanese black tea made from Matsusaka tea leaves has no bitterness and has a refreshing taste.
The assisted bicycle was returned to the Geku-mae Tourist Information Center and the two-night, three-day trip was completed.
By using a bicycle, I was able to go to various sightseeing spots in detail.
If you are planning a trip to Ise, please enjoy an active trip with the assisted bicycle of the Ise City Tourism Association.

Strawberry roll cake

Strawberry roll cake

Merchant storehouse cafe

About 20 minutes on foot to JR / Kintetsu Iseshi Station

About 6 minutes by bicycle to JR / Kintetsu Iseshi Station

10 minutes by car to JR / Kintetsu Iseshi Station


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