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Matchmaking Town Carefully Futami Course

Time required: Half a day to one day


About 25 minutes on foot from JR Futaminoura Station

About 10 minutes by car from the Ise Futami Toba Line (JCT)


Mishiodono ShrineMishio Shrine

Mishiodono Shrine

It is the jurisdiction of Ise Jingu and Naiku (Ise Grand Shrine), and is the place where hard salt is made for use in Jingu festivals.High-concentration salt water is made into rough salt at the Mishiodono Shrine area, and then put into a mold and hardened at the Mishiodono Shrine.

Walk: about 20 minutes

Car: Approximately 5 minutes * There is no parking lot, but you can use the parking lot at Futaminoura Beach.


Meotoiwa Omotesando (Ryokan Town) / Guest HouseMeoto irrigation, irrigation, irrigation

Meotoiwa Omotesando is lined with three-story pure Japanese-style inns, which are rare nowadays, and still retains its old appearance.In one area of ​​the inn town, there is the "Guinjikan", a nationally designated important cultural property that retains the remnants of the time when the Meiji era was built.Until 3, it was an inn that served as a lodging facility for VIPs such as the imperial family, but now it is a museum.The first-class and sophisticated design of the time is a must-see for both the building and the garden.

Meotoiwa Omotesando

Meotoiwa Omotesando (Ryokan Street)



Walk: about 5 minutes

Car: Approximately 2 minutes


Meotoiwa / Futamiokitama ShrineMeotoiwa / Futamiokitamajinja

Futamiokitama Shrine, which is famous for "Meotoiwa," is also the place of Misogi before visiting Ise Jingu.Please ask for misogi, opening the way, and marriage to get rid of the dirt.

Futami Okitama Shrine

Futami Okitama Shrine

Meoto Iwa (Married Couple Rocks)

Meoto Iwa (Married Couple Rocks)

About 5 minutes on foot


Otonashiyama Quiet Yama

Otonashiyama Observatory

Otonashiyama is a mountain with an altitude of 119.8 meters and is popular as a hiking course with an observatory and a promenade.It takes about 30 minutes to reach the observatory.It will be just the right exercise.

Car: Approximately 5 minutes

Walk: about 40 minutes


Matsushitasha / Folk Story Station SominMatsushita Yashiro / Minwa no Eki Somin

Matsushitasha is a shrine with a tradition that you can escape from the plague by attaching a wooden tag called Shimenawa called Somin Shorai's descendant family gate to the doorway.The adjacent folk story station, Somin, is popular for selling local products.You can enjoy seasonal flowers such as irises, lotus, and hydrangea in the Futami Shobu Romantic Forest that spreads out in the back.



Minwa-no-eki Somin

Minwa-no-eki Somin

About 6 minutes to Ise Futami Toba Line (JCT)

7 minutes walk to JR Matsushita Station


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