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  • Naiku Area
  • Japanese cuisine

It is a shop of "tofu and conger eel dishes" under a big ginkgo tree on the banks of the Isuzu River.Freshness is the life of tofu so much that it is said not to let it travel.Tofuya tofu is homemade by craftsmen every morning at the Tofu workshop.You can fully enjoy the taste of the ingredients by eating it with pearl salt from Minamiise Town.In addition, domestic conger eel dishes are also a specialty.You can also see the clear stream of the Isuzu River from the old-fashioned Japanese-style building.Please enjoy a relaxing time with the scenery woven by the surrounding nature.

1-4-1 Ujiurata, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Opening hours
Business hours 11: 00-15: 30 (L015: 00) * Varies depending on the season
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