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Tsuchimiya (Toyore Daijingu Bekkyu)

  • Geku area
  • Temple/Shrine

Toyokei Ojingu Bekkyu / Tsuchiya is the outer shrine's annex within the area of ​​the outer shrine, and the deity is Otsuchi no Mioyanokami.It is enshrined on the west side across the "Kameishi" over Oike in the outer shrine area.It was enshrined as the guardian deity of the local Yamadawara for a long time, but after the outer shrine was enshrined, it became the landlord deity of the palace area, and in 1128 (Taiji 3) it became a separate shrine to protect the outer shrine from the flood of Miyagawa. I was promoted.Unlike other shrines, it features an east-facing shrine.

Worshiping time

January-April   5:00-18:00
May-August   5:00-19:00
September   5:00-18:00
October-December   5:00-17:00

279 Toyokawa-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
0596-24-1111 (Jingu Shrine)
Closing days
About 5 minutes on foot from Kintetsu / JR Iseshi Station, XNUMX minutes on foot from Kintetsu Ujiyamada Station.
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