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Yamaguchi noodles

  • Geku area
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Founded in 23.Ise udon noodles made by Yamaguchi, made with the utmost care for noodles and sauce.Please leave it to us from normal temperature storage to frozen Ise udon.We will deliver Ise udon, which has the same taste as before, all over the country.From the previous generation's mouthfeel, "Udon is shosen, wheat and water ... I can't leave it to the machine! Food shouldn't be delicious if you add both hands!" I hit it and let it rest overnight.The sauce is made by the wife of the previous generation who eats udon noodles in Ise, secretly divides them little by little, improves them independently, and makes them at a local soy sauce shop.I make it with all my heart every day to preserve the taste that has been passed down from ancient times in Ise.

4-5-21 Ozeko, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
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Reception hours 8:00 to 17:00
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