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2022/6 / 27-29 Kongoshoji Kaisan Memorial

Road leading to Asamadake Kongoshoji Okunoin

The Kaisan memorial service will be held on the anniversary of the death of the Buddha Zen Master (June 6), who worked hard to revive Kongoshoji Temple.We will visit from all over Ise-Shima and pray for the souls of our ancestors.

In addition, during the Kaisan Memorial period, a special bus will be operated on the Mie Kotsu / Ise-Shima Skyline Line.

Date and Time

March 2022th (Monday) to 6th (Wednesday), 27


Asama dake Kongo Temple, Ise City (near the summit of the Ise Shima Skyline)


Ancestor memorial service, Segakikai, Kaisan Buddha Zen Master every year

Click here for Kongoshoji Temple.

Temporary bus

During the Kaisan Memorial period, a special Mie Kotsu bus will be operated from Iseshi Station / Ujiyamada Station-Kongo Tanji-Toba.

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