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Asamadake Kongoshoji Temple

  • Asama Area
  • Temple/Shrine

[Asama only congo shoji]

It is a temple that protects the demon gate of Ise Jingu.
It was customary for people who visit Ise Jingu to visit this temple, as it was sung in a passage from Ise Ondo, saying, "I have to go to Asama."

The main hall is a nationally designated tangible cultural property.
Fukuichi Mankoku Zoudaibosatsu is one of the three major Kokuzo Bodhisattvas in Japan, and is opened once every 20 years in the year following the Jingu-shikinen Sengu.

"If you visit Ise, call Asama, and after visiting the main hall, go to Okunoin."

In the Ise region, there is a custom called "Take-miri", in which a stupa made of square lumber is built in Okunoin to memorialize the deceased.

On both sides of the road leading to Okunoin, stupas with a height of XNUMX to XNUMX meters are erected endlessly, making it a sight unlike any other in Japan.

Worshiping time

24 hours (main hall viewing time 9: 00-15: 45)

Kaisan memorial service

June 4-6, 27th year of Reiwa, is the memorial service for Kaisan.During this period, a memorial service will be held at Kaisando.A memorial service is held at Okunoin.

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It is about a 20-minute walk from Kongoshoji Temple.
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Precautions when using a taxi

If you are visiting by taxi, it is difficult to call a taxi for your return trip after returning the taxi at the summit.
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For those who climb Mt. Asama on foot

Asakuma is 555 meters above sea level and many people climb it.
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548 Asamacho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Closing days
will get
● Car
・ From Ise: Cross Urata Bridge toward Shima City, and turn left at the fork just after the right curve along the road.About 20 minutes from the Ise side gate of the Ise-Shima Skyline (* toll road)
* Approximately 3 minutes from the parking lot around Naiku to the gate on the Ise side

・ From Toba: From Toba Station, turn left at the traffic light in front of Drive-in Toba, which is 1 km ahead toward Ise, and you will find the Toba side gate.
* Approximately 3 minutes from Toba Station to the Toba side gate

● Train / Taxi About 30 minutes by taxi from Kintetsu Isuzugawa Station, JR / Kintetsu Toba Station to the mountaintop observatory

● Sangu Bus Kintetsu Isuzugawa Station-Urata Town (Oharai Town Entrance) -Kongoshoji Temple-Asama Yamagami Koen (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, only Obon)
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