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Recommended for souvenirs!Ise's famous rice cake

The Sangu Kaido has many famous rice cakes and is also called "Mochi Kaido".Introducing the famous rice cakes of the final destination "Ise".

Ise's famous rice cake

During the Edo period, Akogare No Tabi was a longing trip that was very popular with the common people.It is said that one in six people at that time worshiped at Ise Jingu in 1830, when the boom was at its peak.Various "mochi" have been developed along the Sangu Kaido to fill the stomachs of such worshipers.People at that time may have enjoyed eating and comparing.

Introducing Ise's specialty mochi, which Ise citizens also love.

Introduction of famous rice cake

Akafuku Mochi

Founded in 1707, the company name "Akafuku" comes from the phrase "Akafuku Keifuku: Rejoice in the happiness of yourself and others with a lonely heart like a baby."It is a rice cake that represents Japan, with a soft rice cake made from carefully selected domestic glutinous rice and a smooth rice cake made from Hokkaido azuki beans.

Address26 Ujinakanokiricho, Ise City
Phone Number0596-22-7000
Hours5 am-5pm (busy season time change)
Regular holidaysOpen all year round

Nikenchaya mochi

When it was founded in 1575, there were two teahouses, Sumiya and Minatoya, near the dock, so it came to be called "Nikenchaya" and is said to have become the name of mochi.A mochi made by wrapping a light walnut in a soft mochi and sprinkling it with flavorful soybean flour.The 25th of every month is brown sugar bean paste.

Address6-8-25 Jinkyu, Ise City
Phone Number0596-23-3040
Hours8:00 to 18:00 (until sold out)
Regular holidaysOpen all year round

Henba mochi

Founded in 1775, it is said to have started by offering rice cakes to Sangu customers on the banks of Miyagawa on the Sangu Kaido.People returned their horses from here to visit the shrine, so it was eventually named Henba (return horse) mochi.It is a fragrant mochi made by wrapping a rice cake with a unique texture using rice flour that melts in the mouth and roasting on both sides.

Address1430-1 Akeno, Obata-cho, Ise-shi
Phone Number0596-22-0097
HoursBusiness hours / 8: 00-17: 00
Eat-in / 9: 00-16: 00
(Currently, we are stopping eating and drinking in the store to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.)
Regular holidaysEvery Monday (Tuesday if it is a holiday or a transfer holiday)

Taiko Syusse Mochi

Founded in 1565, Taiko Hideyoshi is said to be "delicious".It is a flavorful rice cake that brings out the natural flavor of azuki beans and glutinous rice and is hand-baked one by one.

Address63 Ujiimazaikecho, Ise City
Phone Number0596-22-2767
Hours10:00 - 15:00 
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10: 00-16: 00
Regular holidaysOpen everyday, year round

Ofuku mochi

Founded in 1738, it has a light taste with a rice cake made from carefully selected domestic ingredients, Hokkaido glutinous rice "Hakucho Mochi", and an elegant bean paste made from Hokkaido azuki beans "Kitaroman". It's mochi.

Address197 Futami Chaya, Ise City
Phone Number0596-43-3500
Hours9:00 to 17:00 (LO. 16:30)
Regular holidaysOpen everyday, year round

Iwato mochi

We made it with all our heart, named after the "Amanoiwato" myth that is handed down in Ise.The combination of the finest Hokkaido azuki bean soybean flour and Hokkaido soybean soybean flour is excellent.It is a very soft mochi because it uses carefully selected glutinous rice.The shelf life is 7 days from the date of manufacture [Summer (July 7st to September 1th) 9 days from the date of manufacture]

Address58 Ujiimazaikecho, Ise City
Phone Number0596-23-3188
Hours9:00 - 17:00
Regular holidaysOpen everyday, year round

Kamiyo mochi

Founded in 1913, it is a flavorful wormwood rice cake that uses only azuki beans from the northern land, natural wormwood, and glutinous rice that has been milled from brown rice. In 1977, he received the Minister's Award at the XNUMXth National Confectionery Expo.

Address117 Ujiimazaikecho, Ise City
Phone Number0596-23-5555
Hours8: 30-16: 30 (LO 16:00)
Regular holidaysOpen everyday, year round

Kuuya Chaya Mochi

For Suzuki Midori Matsuken's "Kuya Kansuke Mochi", which was founded in 1893 and closed its curtain on 2020 years in June 6, "Kuya Kansuke Mochi" has been revived again from nearby fans. We received many requests to do so, and we have decided to renew our determination as "Kuya Chaya Mochi" at Suzuki Kansuke Honpo.The original "Kuya Kansuke Mochi" is a gem that uses carefully selected ingredients and is handmade in the olden days to create a unique atmosphere with the motto "taste, texture, flavor".When you put it in your mouth, it has a gentle, slightly sweet taste and an exquisitely balanced texture with the elegant sushi.In addition, it can be used for a wide range of purposes, from condolences to souvenirs.

Address537-18 Chaya, Futami-cho, Ise-shi
Phone Number0596-43-1112
Hours9:00 - 17:00
Regular holidaysWednesday

Places where you can buy Ise's specialty rice cakes by area

① Buy around Ise Jingu Geku

① Akafuku Mochi ② Niken Chaya Mochi ③ Henba Mochi ④ Taiko Suisei Mochi

① Akafuku Mochi
Sotomiyamae special store, Iseshi Station / Ujiyamada Station Shop

② Niken Chaya Mochi
Ise Kadoya Beer near the approach to the outer shrine and the outer shrine (managed by the same company)

③ Henba mochi
Near the outer shrine approach / stationIse city station square store

4Taiko Syusse Mochi
FamilyMart in Iseshi Station / Ujiyamada Station

② Buy around Ise Jingu Naiku

① Akafuku Mochi ② Niken Chaya Mochi ③ Henba Mochi ④ Taiko Dese Mochi ⑥ Iwato Mochi ⑦ Kamishiro Mochi

You can buy specialty rice cakes other than Futami around Naiku.
Akafuku Mochi
Main store, Naikumae branch, Isuzugawa store

② Niken Chaya Mochi
Ise Kadoya Beer in Oharaimachi (managed by the same company)

③ Henba mochi
Near the Oharaimachi parking lotOharaimachi store

④ Taiko Soshi Mochi
Near Uji BridgeTaiko Mochi

⑥ Iwato Mochi
Oharaimachi near the inner shrineIwatoya

⑦ Kamidai mochi
Senokuniya in front of Ujibashi(Next to Municipal A1 and 2 parking lots)

③ Buy around Futami

① Akafuku Mochi ⑤ Ofuku Mochi ⑧ Kuuya Chaya Mochi

Since Futami is a place of Misogi before visiting Jingu, shops offering sweets such as rice cakes are developing along the approach to Futamiokitama Shrine.
① Akafuku Mochi
Futami branch,Ise Meotoiwa Meoto Yokocho

⑤ Ofuku Mochi
Along the Futamiura OmotesandoOfuku Mochi Honke Futami Main Store

⑧ Kuuya Chaya Mochi
Stores along Futamiura Omotesando

* Information as of April 2021.Please note that the sales location is subject to change.

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