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18 recommended take-out gourmet around "Oharai-machi/Okage-yokocho" and "Geku-sando" in front of Geku!

In this special feature, we will introduce recommended gourmet takeouts that you should visit when visiting Ise Jingu Shrine or sightseeing in Ise.Ise has a wide variety of gourmet foods, from things unique to Ise to unusual things, such as the taste of long-established stores with a long history, sweets that are popular on social media, and items that are popular with locals.Please enjoy the takeout gourmet when you are sightseeing in Ise.

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A gourmet takeout spot along the approach to the Geku that you definitely want to stop by after visiting Ise Jingu and the Geku

In this section, we will introduce gourmet takeout spots along the Geku approach that you should visit after visiting the Ise Jingu Geku.Oharai-machi and Okage-yokocho are located near the inner shrine, and you might imagine that there are many shops, but there are actually many hot gourmet spots along the approach to the outer shrine.There are shops that can only be found on the Geku approach, so how about taking a break after visiting the Geku?

What is Geku Sando?

The 400m road leading from the large torii gate in front of Iseshi Station to the Ise Jingu Geku is the Geku Sando. There is a custom that "Ise pilgrimage starts from Geku", and the Geku approach can be said to be the entrance to Ise pilgrimage.Lanterns made of Ise Washi paper are installed, and you can enjoy a fantastic scenery that is different from the daytime at night.The approach to the outer shrine was redeveloped in 2013 to coincide with the shikinen sengu (the relocation of the shrine and enshrined deity to another location in a designated year) of Ise Jingu, and many restaurants and shops have opened. . The street is lined with more than 50 shops, and is well-maintained, making it a pleasant place to visit the Outer Shrine.For tourists in front of Iseshi StationIseshi Station Baggage Storage There is a luggage delivery service that delivers rental bicycles and checked baggage to your accommodation (delivery areas are accommodations in Ise, Toba, and Shima, excluding remote islands).The Geku-mae Tourist Service Center also provides baggage storage and bicycle rental services for worshipers.

Butasute Gekumae

Founded in 42, "Butasute" is a long-established Japanese beef specialty store in Ise City, located in a privileged location along the Ise Grand Shrine Geku approach, a 5-minute walk from Iseshi Station.There are two theories about the origin of the name of the restaurant, Butasute.Another theory is that the pork was so delicious that customers threw it away, hence the name.We use Ise beef, which is known for its sweetness and softness, for the beef used in the pork sute.When you think of Mie beef, you may think of Matsusaka beef, but Ise beef is said to be the root of Matsusaka beef, and has a longer history than Matsusaka beef, which was branded around 2.The restaurant has a Japanese-style exterior with a tiled roof, and there are counter seats and table seats on the first floor, and private rooms and tatami rooms on the second floor.The interior is based on wood, creating a clean and comfortable space.

A very popular butasute croquette with long queues

"Butasute croquette", which has been loved by locals for many years as a specialty of butasute lined up with gyudon, uses minced Japanese black beef and is wrapped in a crispy batter and is a moderate size that is easy to eat.It is a popular menu that can be taken out, and is very popular not only with locals but also with tourists.We also recommend comparing mince cutlets and croquettes that you can take out.The eat-in menu of the Gegu-mae store, Gyujunami, Gyujuage, and Beefsteak rice bowl, also comes with pork croquette."Butadose croquettes" are also sold at the butadose online shop.

Address1-1-33 Iwabuchi, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Inquiries 0596-25-1129

Wakamatsuya Geku-mae store

A 5-minute walk from Iseshi Station, "Wakamatsuya Sotogu-mae Branch" is a long-established kamaboko shop founded in 38.Kamaboko made by hand by craftsmen has a deep flavor that cannot be tasted by machine cooking.Wakamatsuya's kamaboko is handcrafted with sincerity, carefully selected ingredients, and is committed to not using any synthetic preservatives.The store, which features a Hiryuzu signboard and a Japanese-style exterior, has a bench that is recommended for taking a break after visiting the Outer Shrine.

Plenty of ingredients!"Ise Hiryozu" is a hot topic as a tourist souvenir.

It's an unfamiliar word, but "Hiryouzu" means ganmodoki. “Ise Hiryozu” uses 10 carefully selected ingredients (hijiki, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, cloud ear mushrooms, burdock root, bamboo shoots, wakame seaweed, green soybeans, quail eggs, and tofu) to create a fluffy dough and ingredients. The balance of flavors is perfectly matched. "Ise Hiryuzu" is not boiled like Ganmodoki at a tofu shop, and you can enjoy it freshly fried."Ise Hiryozu", which is popular as a souvenir for tourists, has many repeat customers, and it is healthy because it is full of highly nutritious ingredients.It's about 1.5 times the volume of regular ganmodoki, and it's very satisfying to eat.The inside is a mixture of minced fish and vegetables, giving it a refreshing taste. In addition to "Ise Hiryuzu", the "Cheese Stick", a satsuma-age with melted cheese, is also a popular menu item that is loved by a wide range of people regardless of age.

Address13-6 Honmachi, Ise City, Mie Prefecture.
Inquiries 0596-22-5177

Yamamura Milk Gakko Sotomiyamae

"Yamamura Milk School Gekumae Store", a directly managed store of Yamamura Milk Industry founded in 8, is a store with a retro exterior that makes you feel nostalgic, and sells soft serve ice cream, traditional bottled milk, pudding, etc. doing. The unusual name of the store is derived from the fact that we wanted people to experience the deliciousness of milk and products made with milk, as well as the culture surrounding milk, so we named it Yamamura Milk School.In front of the store, there are school chairs that remind you of your school days, a milk bottle lid gacha-gacha (a winning ticket that can be exchanged for Yamamura Pudding Ice Cream and Yamamura Soft Cream), and a milk tank that looks great on social media. A photo spot is also set up.The fruit milk sold at this shop was used in one scene of the movie "Thermae Romae".

“Yamamura Pudding Soft” where you can enjoy Yamamura Pudding and Yamamura soft serve at once

The most popular item on the menu, “Yamamura Pudding Soft Serve,” is a luxurious dish that allows you to enjoy Yamamura Pudding and the store-limited Yamamura soft-serve ice cream at the same time.The Yamamura milk used in the soft-serve ice cream is pasteurized sterilized milk that brings out the original taste of milk, and has been selected as part of the Mie Selection (a product selected after passing a rigorous examination by Mie Prefecture and food experts). increase.The pudding is made with milk and eggs from Mie Prefecture, and does not use any additives. .Other stores offer a wide variety of products, mainly bottled dairy products, such as Yamamura milk, Yamamura coffee, Yamamura rich milk blended with fresh cream, and long-selling Yamamura yogurt since 1. it's recommended.

Address13-6 Honmachi, Ise City, Mie Prefecture.
Inquiries 090-8077-4563

Kinoshita Tea Garden Outer Shrine

Kinoshita Chaen Gegu-mae is a long-established teahouse founded in 1937.It is located about a 3-minute walk from Ise Jingu Geku, so you can easily visit after visiting the Geku.The exterior is a white-based Japanese-Western building, and the cafe space inside the store is spacious with wooden chairs and desks, so you can spend your time calmly.There are summer and winter-only menus and limited-quantity menus, so you can enjoy a variety of menus depending on the season.There is also a shop that sells tea leaves and miscellaneous goods inside the store, and there is a wide variety of products such as tea leaves from all over the prefecture, matcha latte, and tea bags.

Japanese sweets where you can enjoy flavorful Ise tea "Ise Matcha Wazanmai"

Kinoshita Tea Garden's No. 1 popular product, "Ise Matcha Wazanmai," is sold only at the Geku-mae store. It is a dessert that allows you to fully enjoy the charm of matcha by topping matcha frozen matcha gelato, bracken-starch dumplings, soybean flour, brown sugar syrup, and adzuki beans from Hokkaido. is.It has the original strong flavor of matcha, but is neither too bitter nor too sweet, making it a must-have for matcha lovers.The sweets for adults, which are not too sweet and you can enjoy the rich taste of Ise Matcha, are colorful and great for photos.The "Specially Selected Ise Matcha Ice [Kiwami]" is a summer-only menu where you can make your own matcha and pour it over the shaved ice to fully enjoy the special matcha.You can experience making matcha, and the "Extreme Matcha Gelato" that comes with the shaved ice and the special matcha used are of a higher rank than the regular tea leaves, and are limited to this menu.There is also a board with images and instructions on how to make it, so even if you are new to matcha tea, you can rest assured.

Address1-1-31 Iwabuchi, Ise City, Mie Prefecture Hoonkan 1F
Inquiries 0596-24-6747

Mitsuhashi Panju

Founded in 2002, "Mitsuhashi Panju" is located on the first floor of the Sakaguchi Building on the Geku approach that connects Iseshi Station and Ise Jingu Geku. is.After Nanakoshi Panju, which is said to be the originator of panju in Ise City, closed in 1, Mitsuhashi Panju opened with the desire of the owner to spread panju.Panju, which is recommended as a souvenir, is mainly for takeout, but you can also eat and drink in the spacious space of the store with table seats.Please try Ise's specialty panju while taking a break from visiting the shrine.

Ise's specialty sweets that have been loved for a long time "Ise specialty panju"

As the name suggests, “panju” is a specialty sweet of Ise that combines bread and manju, and has long been loved by the locals.Panju, which looks like takoyaki, has a fragrant, chewy dough with hot strained bean paste inside, giving it just the right amount of sweetness, not too sweet.The blue seaweed topped on the dough also goes well with the sweetness. In addition to the classic strained bean paste, there are seven types of “panju” available: custard, grainy bean paste, Ise tea, purple sweet potato, chestnut, and cream for a limited time.As for souvenirs, there are several kinds of "Panju Set" which is very popular.XNUMX pieces are sold individually. In addition to "Panju", various drinks are also available and can be used as a cafe.

Address5-3 Honmachi, Ise City, Mie Prefecture.
Inquiries 0596-29-3284

Yamada Sanpo

Yamada Mikata, which opened in May 2022, is located along the main street (Prefectural Route 5) a little away from the outer shrine approach.The store is conveniently located near the station.The name of the store, Yamada Mikata, comes from the self-governing organization that existed in the Yamada district of Ise (the area around present-day Iseshi Station) during the Muromachi period. The idea is to let people know about the history of the region.In addition to sales at the store, there are counter seats where you can eat Sanpo-yaki in the store.

"Sanpo-yaki", a combination of a new style with a cute triangular appearance and the taste of a long-established store

The triangular oban-yaki “Sanpo-yaki” is Yamada Mikata’s signature dish, and the soft dough wraps the lightly sweet red bean paste.The triangular shape expresses our desire to create an originality that cannot be found anywhere else, while at the same time making it feel as familiar as rice balls.A custom-made mold is used for Mikata-yaki, which has a different shape than normal obanyaki.The particular grainy bean paste is inherited from the Taiyaki grainy bean paste of Kinsuibashi, which has been loved by local Ise citizens for many years and closed in the spring of 2021.The adzuki beans used are Kitaroman from Hokkaido, and the grains are large and filling.Sanpo-yaki, which has inherited the taste of a long-established store in a novel way, is currently rising in popularity and is likely to become a new specialty of Ise.In addition to Mikata-yaki, Yamada Mikata also sells drinks such as coffee from “Nakamura Kobo” in Kawasaki, Ise City.

Address2-1 Honmachi, Ise City, Mie Prefecture Ekimae Building 1F
Inquiries 070-8978-0276


AMAMILIVING is a cafe bar on the street behind the Sanco Inn Hotel, close to Iseshi Station.From this shop, a brand of banana juice called "7daysBANANA" has also appeared for the first time in Ise City. AMAMILIVING combines a concept shop and a cafe that introduce original brands. From 2021, it will be renewed from a cafe to a cafe bar, operating as a cafe during the day and as a bar at night.The exterior, which is based on glass and wood, stands out among the streets lined with buildings.The stylish interior is Instagrammable, and the letters "AMAMILIVING" written in neon tubes are also eye-catching.There are counter seats and wide sofa seats in the store, so you can relax slowly.

The ingredients are only milk and bananas!"Banana Juice" made with carefully selected in-house aging

AMAMILIVING's banana juice is a banana juice that uses only bananas and milk without using sugar, and you can taste the natural sweetness of the homemade ripening method (milk can be changed to soy milk for an additional fee).Banana juice, which is delicious and good for health and beauty, has many kinds of blends such as Japanese mustard spinach, black sesame, matcha, chocolate chip, coconut, caramel almond, chocolate mint, etc.There are many kinds of toppings such as chocolate chips, fruit granola, protein, etc.In addition to banana juice, the food menu includes Matsusaka beef black curry, taco rice, gapao rice, etc. Delivery (reservation required) and takeout are also available.

Address1-7-37 Miyajiri, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Inquiries 0596-63-9888

Dandelion Chocolate Ise Gekuten (ダンデライオン・チョコレート伊勢外宮店)

"Dandelion Chocolate Ise Geku Store" is a Bean to Bar chocolate specialty store from San Francisco located 5 minutes on foot from Iseshi Station. Bean to Bar is a consistent process from procurement of cocoa beans to completion of chocolate bars.In order to provide delicious chocolate, it is a shop that uses only single origin cacao beans (cocoa beans made in a single production area) and organic cane sugar.The exterior of the shop, which features a red roof, was renovated from the former Yamada Post Office Telephone Branch, which is designated as a registered tangible cultural property.

Chocolate drink "ISE HOT CHOCOLATE" ice version with moderate sweetness using cane sugar

"ISE HOT CHOCOLATE Ise Hot Chocolate" is a drink made from 70% cacao single-origin chocolate.Only available at the Ise Geku store, there is a cold ice drink version that allows you to enjoy chocolate even in hot weather.It uses roasted green tea cultivated and roasted by Nakamori Seicha in Watarai Town, and has a refreshing sweetness that is very easy to drink.It's an unusual combination of hojicha and chocolate, but the sweetness and sourness are in perfect harmony, leaving a faint sweetness in the aftertaste.You can eat and compare 3 types of chocolate brownies made from cacao beans from different regions with the popular standard menu item, “Brownie Bite Flight,” which you can also take out.Brownies made with the same recipe also have different flavors depending on the origin of the cocoa beans, so please try to taste the individuality of each.

Address20-24 Honmachi, Ise City, Mie Prefecture.
Inquiries 0596-63-6631

21:XNUMX Ice Ise Gekumae

``21-jiki Ice'', which has become a hot topic on social media for enjoying luxurious parfaits in trains at night, is a night parfait specialty store that is spreading mainly in the Kansai region. opened inThe store is close to Ise Jingu Geku and Iseshi Station, and Geku is right in front of you.We are open from 21:2022 noon, not from the evening.The take-out parfaits are luxurious yet easy to eat, and are open until 7:11 (last order is at 24:23), so you can casually visit after work, sightseeing, or after a meal.

"Strawberry mille-feuille" is the most popular shop where you can casually enjoy ice cream at night.

The strawberry mille-feuille in a cup is the most popular product. Vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce, a large pie, and cornflakes go well together. Those who like strawberries and sweets will be very satisfied.
Purple sweet potato mont blanc is an addictive dessert with a large volume of mont blanc and soft cream.In addition to the two types introduced, there are over 2 types of ice cream, including coffee jelly, matcha ice cream, chocolate banana, and black sesame.The variety of toppings is also attractive, and for a fee you can add shiratama (rice flour dumplings), sauces (chocolate, strawberry, matcha, caramel, brown sugar syrup), nata de coco, etc. (For an additional fee, additional toppings such as a kind of fruit, raw chocolate sauce, and soft ice cream are also available).

Address14-3 Honmachi, Ise City, Mie Prefecture.
Inquiries 0596-65-6717

Oharaimachi and Okage Yokocho in front of Ise Jingu and Naiku are perfect for walking!
Enjoy gourmet food in front of the Naiku

Oharai-machi and Okage-yokocho, located in front of the Ise Grand Shrine Naiku, is one of the tourist attractions in Ise that is bustling with tourists.Oharaimachi and Okage Yokocho, which are fun just to stroll around, are lined with many souvenir shops and restaurants unique to Ise. "There are various shops in front of the Naiku, and I don't know where to go..." In order to solve such problems, we will carefully select and introduce recommended shops.

About Oharai-machi and Okage-yokocho

Although it is often confused, Oharai-machi, one of the sightseeing spots in Ise City, is Torii-mae-machi (the town in front of the shrine's torii) in front of the Ise Jingu Naiku.The town, lined with wooden buildings, was visited by a large number of worshipers during the Edo period. It is said that the origin of the name of Oharai-machi is that it is lined up in a row.Okage Yokocho is a town that spreads out on one side of Oharaimachi Street, and is a spot that relocated and recreated the townscape from the Edo to Meiji period, which was crowded with people visiting Ise."Okage" in Okage Yokocho combines the two meanings of Okage Mairi (group worship at Ise Jingu in the Edo period) and Ise Jingu to keep the business going.

Honey shop Matsujiro store Ise Oharaicho store

Located in a corner of Oharaimachi, “Hachimitsuya Matsujiro no Ise Oharaimachi Store” is a honey specialty store of a long-established apiary founded in the first year of the Taisho era.The store sells different types of honey, mainly domestically produced honey, as well as sweets such as candies made with honey, and cosmetics.At the stall in front of the store, you can take out honey sweets such as the popular product "Honey Potato".We also offer lip balm and hand cream making (with a dessert set) and aroma wax sachet making class (reservation required) where you can experience the charm of honey while enjoying it.

"Honey Potato Parfait" that combines melty honey and crunchy "Honey Potato" with ice cream

“Honey Potato Parfait” is a parfait that is irresistible for sweets lovers, combining the popular “Honey Potato”, which is a sweet potato wrapped in a special honey sauce, and soft serve ice cream.For the honey that you put on top of the soft-serve ice cream, you can choose your favorite honey from among the recommended honeys that replace each season.The honey lemonade "Hani Lemo", which is a summer-only product with a refreshing flavor full of honey, and the "Hani Yuzu", which uses yuzu citrus, which is said to have excellent compatibility with honey and have a fatigue recovery effect, are the perfect drinks for the hot summer.

Address7 Uji Nakanogiri-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Inquiries 0596-27-8328


At “Denbei”, where a cute yokocho shop cat welcomes you with pickled vegetables, you can enjoy various seasonal dishes such as Hina greens in spring, ginger eggplant in summer, and Asakuma konaise (a small vegetable that grows only at the foot of Mt. Asama) in winter. We sell mixed pickles.

Very popular with children!“Cucumber sticks” from a pickle shop in Okage Yokocho that preserves the traditional taste

The cucumber sticks, pickled in just the right amount of salt, are very popular with children and adults alike.It's also perfect for hydration in hot weather.“Ise takuan”, which was loved as a preserved food by visitors to the shrine during the Edo period, is also a popular product, and one of Denbei’s specialties where you can enjoy the traditional taste.No preservatives or sweeteners are used, and the takuan is pickled for a long time, so you can enjoy the natural flavor of takuan.Ise takuan, which uses Misono daikon radish, is certified as a "Mie brand (prefectural product that makes use of nature and traditional techniques to increase the name recognition of Mie prefecture)".

Address52 Uji Nakanogiri-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Inquiries 0596-23-8801

Ise Isage Maruten Naikumae

"Ise Isage Maruten Naiku-mae" is a directly managed store of "Maruten" which has stores all over the country, and is a fish paste and isage specialty store located in Oharaimachi in front of Ise Jingu Naiku.Fresh seafood from Ise-Shima is used for isoage, seasoned with carefully selected natural salt, and authentic mirin, which is only made in the winter season in the countryside between the Kiso River and the Shonai River.It is popular with locals and tourists alike.Maruten no tempura is not tempura tempura.At the Ise Isage Maruten Naiku-mae branch, we want customers to eat freshly made isage, so we cook isage on the spot after receiving an order, rather than packaged products that are often found in souvenirs.

“Takobo” is the No. 1 most popular dish among fried fish using fresh seafood from Ise-Shima.

The No. 1 popular octopus stick is a stick-shaped stick that makes it easy to eat hot octopus kneaded.The octopus sticks use fresh octopus that can be eaten as sashimi.Red ginger is also included in the octopus stick, which is a good secret ingredient.Along with octopus sticks, popular cheese sticks are stick-shaped pastes filled with whole cheese sticks.The seasoning of mirin and salt also goes very well with the taste of cheese.It's more filling than it looks and fills you up well, so we recommend these two dishes to fill you up on your visit to Ise.
The potato and butter tempura (320 yen) is also voluminous, and the flavor of the large cut potatoes and butter goes well with the surimi.All products have an expiration date of 3 days to 1 week, so you can enjoy them at home after sightseeing.

Address2-1-43 Iwabuchi, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Inquiries 0596-22-6825

Starbucks Coffee Ise Naikumae

“Starbucks Coffee Ise Naiku-mae” in Ise Jingu Naiku-mae Oharaimachi will open in the spring of 2021.Starbucks has stores all over Japan, but it is unique to Naikumae for its wooden stores, which are only a few in Japan.The appearance of the store has a Starbucks element in the noren and tiles, but the Japanese-modern building blends in with the surrounding atmosphere.If you look closely at the ridge-end tiles, you can see the mermaid, the symbol of Starbucks. The first floor is the bar counter that accepts orders, and the second floor is the dining space.Just like the exterior, the interior has an atmosphere that matches Oharaimachi, and the dining space on the second floor is divided into three sections, creating a Japanese-style space where you can feel the warmth of wood.From the window on the 1nd floor facing the street of Oharaimachi, you can see a wonderful cityscape.

The Japanese modern interior in front of the Naiku is photogenic!Enjoy the classic "Matcha Cream Frappuccino®"

"Matcha Cream Frappuccino®", one of Starbucks' regular menu items, was introduced in 2002.Blended with richly flavored matcha powder, the cream-based Frappuccino® is a seasonal favorite.Each Starbucks product comes in four sizes, and you can change or add toppings.There are many customizable toppings such as matcha powder, syrup and sauce, and you can customize it to your liking as well as enjoying the original taste.

AddressMie Prefecture Ise City
Inquiries 0596-72-8026

Sumikko Gurashido Ise

The Sumikko Gurashido Ise store, which opened in July 2021, is a character shop that mainly sells Japanese miscellaneous goods with the theme of cherry blossoms and Sumikko Gurashi. It is adjacent to Iwatoya Main Store.The exterior is a wooden Japanese-style building, but the interior is a fancy space filled with Sumikko Gurashi goods.There is a Sumikko Gurashi light on the ceiling, and the wallpaper in the store is also drawn with an illustration of Sumikko Gurashi, making it a photogenic interior.The Ise store sells limited items such as key chains, acrylic chopstick rests, and printed T-shirts.

Sumikko Gurashi Baked Baby Castella with Cute Sumikko Gurashi Characters

Sumikko Gurashi Yaki The takeout cup contains 6 Sumikko Gurashi Yaki in a cute cup.Sumikko Gurashi-yaki is Sumikko Gurashi-do's specialty baby castella, designed with Sumikko Gurashi characters.The chewy sponge cake has a sweet flavor and is just the right amount to fill your stomach.The seal on the cup that holds the castella and the shape of the castella are random, and there are several types.There are also 12 Sumikko Gurashi Yaki, and this is in a box with Sumikko Gurashi drawn on it.The summer-only watermelon shaved ice (scheduled to be sold until September 9) is a product that looks like a watermelon, with chocolate chips as seeds.

Address49-3 Ujiimazaikecho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Inquiries 0596-28-3232

Whole fruit juice shop

“Marugoto Kajuten” in Oharaimachi is a takeout specialty store with a retro and unique signboard in the Japanese-style streets of Oharaimachi Street.The inside of the store is also Showa-style according to the signboard, and there are CRT TVs, vintage fans and fans.Oranges and grapefruits are stacked in crates in front of the store, and the fruits are chilled in ice water in a large aquarium.The straw for drinking the juice uses an originally developed "eco straw that returns to the soil", which is both easy to drink and environmentally friendly.

A new sensation of "orange juice" made from "whole" fruit

Marugoto Kajuten's orange juice (400 yen) and grapefruit juice (400 yen) are made by squeezing high-quality fruits that are chilled in a tank of ice water from the inside using a special machine. doing.The juice is made on the spot after you order, so you can enjoy freshly squeezed 100% fruit juice with a thick straw.Unlike ordinary orange juice, the high-quality fruit is squeezed as it is, so you can feel the original rich sweetness of the fruit, making it a product that has many repeat customers.The oranges and grapefruits are a convenient size to carry around, and the appearance of sticking a large straw into the fruit has an impact, but is cute and looks great on social media.Furthermore, it is also a 100% eco-friendly juice that both the container and the straw return to the soil.As written on the signboard in front of the store, please enjoy the taste of freshly made fruit juice without adding anything.

Address24 Ujiimazaikecho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Inquiries No

Oiseya Honpo

Oiseya Honpo is located in the center of Oharaimachi, which is lined with souvenir shops and restaurants. This is a restaurant where you can taste high-class “Ise Pork” at a reasonable price.The main menu is takeout, but there is an eat-in space with a roof on the left side of the store, so you can eat and drink slowly on a wooden bench.It has been featured many times in various media.

"Matsuzaka beef skewer" where you can enjoy Matsuzaka beef at a reasonable price

Charcoal-grilled Matsusaka beef skewers are a popular dish where you can enjoy high-quality Matsusaka beef at a reasonable price in Haraimachi.The tender beef has a nice aroma unique to yakiniku, and the more you chew, the more juicy the meat juices will overflow, and the more you chew, the more delicious it will be for meat lovers.The Matsusaka beef used for the beef skewers is carefully selected, cut, grilled, and pierced.Ise Buta Kushiton, which uses Ise pork, is also a popular item with repeat customers.The batter-fried pork skewers are dipped in a soy sauce-based sweet and spicy sauce, and the taste is so addictive that you'll want to eat it again and again.Matsusaka Beef Shigure Fukuman, which has been sold since the opening of Oiseya Honpo, is also popular. The A4-A5 ranked meat buns with Matsusaka beef shigure simmered in it have white skins with lucky marks, just like their auspicious names.Fluffy skin and Japanese seasoned shigureni are the best combination.

Address94-7 Ujinakanokiricho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Inquiries 0596-22-7193

Imo Pippi Ise

Imo Pippi Ise Store, a baked sweet potato sweets specialty store located on Ise Jingu Naiku-dori in front of Okage Yokocho, will open in March 2022, and will be attached to Ise Ebi-ya Ebise, a spiny lobster specialty store.The store is conveniently located near a municipal parking lot.The sweet potatoes used in various menus of Imo Pippi are matured for at least 3 months and have a sugar content of 3 degrees or more. Baked potatoes have a sweetness that ordinary potatoes cannot produce.Imo Pippi has a nationwide network, and there are chain stores all over the country, but in Mie Prefecture, Ise City is the first store.Although it is a take-out specialty store, there is a shared eat-in corner with Ebise, so you can also eat inside the store.

``Purple sweet potato and ice cream with 1mm silk thread'', the signature product of a takeout sweet potato specialty store that first landed in Ise City

The 1mm silk purple sweet potato and ice cream is a hearty 1-layer dessert with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, and thinly sliced ​​sweet potato in a cup under a 4mm thin purple sweet potato.You can fully enjoy the light taste of purple sweet potato and vanilla ice cream.It seems that a lot of research has been done to make the thread-like purple sweet potato like Mont Blanc as thin as 1 mm without using additives.The thread-like purple sweet potato is a photogenic sweet that you can't find anywhere else.Another option is Baked Sweet Potato Honey Butter, where you can enjoy rich butter and honey with hot baked sweet potato.

Address1-8-12 Ujiurata, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Inquiries 0596-63-5999

Kinoshita Tea Garden Naikumae

“Kinoshita Chaen Naiku-mae” in Oharaimachi is a branch of the popular teahouse “Kinoshita Chaen Gegu-mae” on the approach to Geku, and opened in July 2022.The concept of the shop is centered around easy take-out products and slightly luxurious take-out products for souvenirs.There are benches in front of the store where you can take a rest, and the green shade curtain with the Kinoshita Tea Garden logo is a landmark of the store.In addition to the same menu as the Gekumae store, there are also menus exclusive to the Naikumae store.

“Ise Matcha Float”, a perfect combination of full-bodied Ise tea and milk ice cream

Ise Matcha Float (Matcha) is a matcha latte topped with Ise Matcha Gelato.The matcha drink is a drink where you can fully enjoy the flavor of matcha.There is also an Ise matcha float (milk) topped with milk ice cream instead of matcha gelato.Ise tea, which is used in all menus, is a special product cultivated in Mie Prefecture and is characterized by its rich flavor.
The Ise Matcha Panna Gelato is a menu item only available at the Naikumae store, where you can enjoy the creamy texture of the matcha panna cotta, the sweet whipped cream with a nice aftertaste, and the matcha gelato all at once.The Naiku-mae branch also offers the “Kinoshita Tea Garden Logo Cookie”, which has the bittersweet taste of Ise matcha, the “Chasen Cookie”, which is shaped like a tea whisk after making matcha, and Iwato salt and soybean flour. Three types of cookies are on sale, the "Jinba Cookie", which goes well with matcha latte, and this is also limited to the Naikumae store.

Address18 Ujiimazaikecho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture
Inquiries 080-1589-4441

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