Congestion situation of sightseeing spots

Ise City EC portal site "ISE ONE" has been released.


An EC portal site where you can quickly find places to go, buy, and eat in Ise City

Features of ISE ONE

From the delicacies of Ise to items rooted in the climate of the land, such as Shinto ritual implements, pearls, and handicrafts.

ISE ONE is a website where you can enjoy shopping in Ise City wherever you are..

You can search for shops from the Ise map and order items that interest you from the shop's EC site.

When you are in Ise, you will be guided to nearby shops in conjunction with location information.Ise tourism website[ ], we will also introduce information on major sightseeing spots in the city, including the inner and outer shrines of Ise Jingu.

Whether you're at home or locally, you'll discover the unknown charms of Ise, and you're sure to find something you didn't know about Ise or something you want to visit again.


Ise City Industrial Tourism Department Commerce and Labor Administration Division
TEL 0596-21-5512

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