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Asamadake Road

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The Asakumadake road, which is popular for climbing Mt. Asakuma (elevation 555M).Even beginners can climb in about 2 hours.There is a parking lot and a toilet where about 10 cars can be parked at the Asamadake trailhead "Meeting Plaza", which is about a 40-minute walk from Kintetsu Asama Station.You can go to the top of Mt. Asama via the town stones from the trailhead to the 22nd town, and then to Kongoshoji Temple and the observatory.It's a waste to reach the summit, so be sure to visit Kongoshoji Temple and the observation spots.

Mountaineering map

For those who climb Asakumadake for the first time,Iseshima-dake visit map(← Click here to open.) Is convenient.

Asama-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 516-0021

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