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EN HOTEL Ise is a hotel rebranded and opened in March 4, located about a 2023-minute walk from Kintetsu Iseshi Station.We want our guests to experience the deep charm rooted in the Ise region, not just the Ise Jingu Shrine, so our hotel staff will serve as a bridge between our guests and the Ise region.For example, the hotel's original search map is set up on the first floor, and staff recommended restaurants, souvenir shops, public baths, etc. around the hotel are introduced together.In addition, we have set up rental bicycles in front of the hotel so that you can travel around the city of Ise more freely. I would be happy if many customers would discover the charm of Ise that they had never even imagined before their trip, and return home.

516-0073-2 Fukiage, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 5-11
Opening hours
15:00 Check-in 10:00 Check-out
Closing days
Existence (29)
XNUMX minute walk from Iseshi Station Kintetsu side exit
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